Slow News Day - Macenstein

Everyone hates Core #6

8 Cores as a metaphor for life We’ve all met people like core #6 before… the one over-achieving douche who feels the need to make the rest of us feel like worthless pieces of crap with his awesomeness. You’ll find him at school, on the field, and in the workplace. And while I currently feel like core #8 – maybe a core #1, TOPS – there was a time when I too was a core #6. Right after high school I took a job at a local microfilming company. My coworkers... Read More

Finally! A School that openly hates its students!

Faithful Macenstein reader Greg writes: “You popped into my mind while I was watching this, not necessarily something to post but thought you might enjoy it.” Damn right I enjoy it Greg! If you go frame by frame you can actually see some of those littler kids wet themselves. Do they have child psychologists in Australia?  Read More

Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert!

Yes, my Justice League MacBook Pro decal is truly impressive, what with the Apple Logo illuminating Superman’s “S” and all. But to really appreciate how awesome I am, and to properly gauge just how much you should want to be my friend, I think it’s best to take a step back and view the decal in the greater context of my office. Notice how I have not only placed the MacBook directly under a poster of the Justice League, (in the same classic grouping as... Read More

Creepy Video of the Week: An Empty Apple Store

If this doesn’t send shivers down your spine than nothing will. Check out the video shot by YouTube user NSDinfoTV as he waited in line for the iPad 2 a week ago. An empty Apple Store just looks WRONG.  Read More

Best piece of spam I’ve gotten in a while

Just thought this was funny (although I could certainly use the money…)  Read More

Apple needs to hire a couple more people

Check out the following tweet from Chris Ashworth, developer of QLab: I’m not sure whether to be horrified that Apple’s developer team is so understaffed, or impressed that they eventually got to Chris’ support question (albeit nearly 3 years later and apparently not all that helpfully). I suppose there’s still hope I’ll get a response to that question I sent in about AppleWorks’ margin formatting back in 1999. Thanks to faithful Macenstein... Read More

How many “banned” apps do you own?

I think I’m up to 5 now that Apple has pulled Quick Snap. The first banned app I ever snagged was the legendary Netshare, the first app on the US app store to allow tethering on the iPhone, and the first to be pulled. This was followed by MiTube (the YouTube video downloader), then HandyLight (the sneaky Tethering app which masqueraded as a lame flashlight app – do not be fooled by the similarly named app on the store now), iDos, the DOS emulator for iPhone, and now... Read More

The Beatles are still on iTunes

When Apple teased that its last special event would be “Just another day. That you’ll never forget.”, we didn’t realize it would be because they wouldn’t LET us forget. Seriously, it’s been a month and counting… Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Mike for reminding us to be annoyed at this.  Read More

Awww… A 2 year old girl plays Fruit Ninja better than I do

 Read More

Apparently “Rated 4+” = full frontal nudity

I think it should be obvious at this point that I’m probably the furthest things from a prude, but I must say, slipping full frontal nudity into an app rated 4+ just seems a little odd to me. That’s right, everyone’s favorite Look and Find (including my kids) Time Geeks has a couple fairly adult finds for you (or your 4+ kid) to find, including, but not limited to Adam and Eve (and Adams’ fairly impressive penis) and men urinating in public. Again,... Read More


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