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Finally! A School that openly hates its students!

Faithful Macenstein reader Greg writes: “You popped into my mind while I was watching this, not necessarily something to post but thought you might enjoy it.” Damn right I enjoy it Greg! If you go frame by frame you can actually see some of those littler kids wet themselves. Do they have child psychologists in Australia?  Read More

New transparent display means everyone at Starbucks will know you’re looking at porn

I know from watching countless hours of bad TV and movies that the future of touch displays is transparent sheets of glass that magically let you throw and resize images, all the while making annoying beeps as data readouts cascade across them, but I always thought we were still a good 15 years off from that. But check out this pretty sweet video of Samsung’s new 14 inch Transparent OLED Display Notebook, which appears to be very close to the future depicted in Minority... Read More

Attention Alien Hunters: Join Team Macenstein

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Hollywood, it’s that aliens are always friendly. And as someone who has been unable to make HUMAN friends, I’ve recently cast my lonely gaze skyward, in hopes of finding someone who shares my love of tech, my obsession with cheeseballs, and who can help me build my own light saber. So I decided to join the SETI@home program, which, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a scientific experiment run by the University... Read More

The best thing ever

Odds are if you’ve spent any time on the interwebs, by now you’ve all seen this video 1000 times, but I am reposting it here because it is probably the best thing I have ever seen. Sure, it has nothing to do with the Mac per se, but we mas Mac users do seem to get pulled into flame wars more than others, so I think you will appreciate this. A lot of humorous things on the web come close to greatness but just miss. But this video, which nicely sums up the “Flame... Read More


This would obviously be cooler in a Mac, but it’s still pretty damn cool. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader James for the tip!  Read More

CNN Newsflash: “10 is less than 9”

Faithful Macenstein reader Ian was reading CNN today and stumbled across an exclusive CNN story that will likely change mathematics as we know it. Looks like it’s time to upgrade to OS 9!  Read More

Why you kids can’t use Wikipedia as your sole source for information in a research project

digg_url = '; I came across this while reading up on Optimus Prime, something all of you should be doing. Not that this is at all Mac-related, I just thought this was funny. …despite the slight degree of autonomy they possess, the Combat Deck and Roller would not be able to survive without him. Optimus Prime has played soccer for Portsmouth Football club for the past 3 seasons. He filmed Transformers... Read More

Just watch the first 23 seconds

I like to try to keep the non-Mac-related stuff here to a minimum, but when I see something that makes me laugh out loud, I just have to share. Even with only my 8th grade Spanish, this is funny. Apparently if Michael Knight asks you to install platinum spark plugs in Kitt, you better damn well do it! Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Dersky for the vid.  Read More

If you can sit, you can get fit… The Hawaii Chair!

OK, this is not Mac related, and I know you guys frown on videos, but if you don’t at least crack a smile watching this, you have no soul. (iPhone users click here to watch the video) Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Kelly (who begged us not to post it) for the link!  Read More

A search engine that sucks (in a good way)

If you’re a glass-half-empty kind of person (like me), odds are you are annoyed by all the optimistic results traditional search engines provide. For instance, type “iPod” into Google, and you’ll be presented with Apple’s iPod site, iLounge, iPod Hacks, etc. All pretty rosy, pro-iPod sites. But, what if you were looking to buy an iPod for the first time, and wanted to know the types of potential problems you might encounter? You’d have to scroll... Read More


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