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MST3K on the PC/Mac debate – Some things never change

Behold the epic “Mac Vs. PC debate, taking place “In the not-too-distant future, Next Sunday, A.D.” (Actually probably about 1990). Funny how the fanboy arguments on both sides haven’t changed in the last 22 years or so. Incidentally, if you were ever a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and if you’re over 29 years old, odds are you ARE) do yourself... Read More

White iPhone plus sweaty palms =

New White iPhone 4 Commercial – watch more funny videos via Funny or Die  Read More

Finally! A reason to buy the iPad 2!

So, apparently if you shine a light on the white iPad 2’s bezel in a dark room it causes it to glow with a “Tron-like” effect. I assume Apple’s desire to add this “feature” is what has been holding up the white iPhone production. Thanks to faithful Macensein reader Frank for the link!  Read More

Apple Employees make a “It Gets Better” Anti-gay bullying video (and it’s not even over a white background!)

Below is a very moving video of Apple Employees telling their stories of being bullied while growing up because they are gay. And as much as I support their cause, the one thing I can NOT get behind are those stupid giant, black ear-lobe stretching earring things. Seriously. I think anyone wearing those is just looking to get bullied, gay or straight. Any kids out there looking... Read More

Finally! A School that openly hates its students!

Faithful Macenstein reader Greg writes: “You popped into my mind while I was watching this, not necessarily something to post but thought you might enjoy it.” Damn right I enjoy it Greg! If you go frame by frame you can actually see some of those littler kids wet themselves. Do they have child psychologists in Australia?  Read More

FCP X: It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong, and I’m HUGE

Last night when I saw a few blurry screenshots from the Final Cut Pro X demo and read the reported new features, I was less than enthusiastic. Any of you who follow my Twitter know that the near constant mention of “borrowing from iMovie” sent shivers down my spine, as I feel iMovie is perhaps the worst piece of software Apple has ever shipped (at least starting a few... Read More

Creepy Video of the Week: An Empty Apple Store

If this doesn’t send shivers down your spine than nothing will. Check out the video shot by YouTube user NSDinfoTV as he waited in line for the iPad 2 a week ago. An empty Apple Store just looks WRONG.  Read More

Finally, an unboxing video I can tolerate

If there’s anything I hate more than uboxing videos, it’s… um… well, unboxing stills, I guess. The idea of getting excited watching grainy, underlit shots of a stranger unboxing a gadget I probably wish I had, especially when we’ve seen it for months prior in glorious HD on Apple’s site, is just baffling to me. Still, every once in a while someone... Read More

DJ Kid Chameleon’s Mac Plus helmet kicks all sorts of ass

What do you get when you cross the shell of a Mac Plus with an iPad, a bicycle helmet, and some truly horrible music? You get this awesomely geeky helmet, designed by sculptor Terrence Scoville and worn by DJ Kid Chameleon. Enjoy. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Min for the tip! via Geek Tech blog  Read More

North Point Community Church’s iBand puts on iOS Christmas Concert

I don’t know what’s more impressive about this video – the skill, musicianship, and hours upon hours of practice that must have gone into this, or the fact that this church owns so many iPads, iPhones, HD cameras and high end editing equipment. Seriously, my church growing up had a candle. That was it. Maybe I would have stayed in the fold if my church had a bunch... Read More


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