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Review: PaintMee and SketchMee for Mac

No, that's not a photo, it's an ultra high-res, detailed sketch of a photo (scroll down) The Mac has long been thought of the “artists” computer, but what if you can’t paint or draw worth a lick? Well, odds are even if you can’t paint, you can probably take a blurry photo, right? Well, that might be all you need in order to create works of art, thanks to PaintMee (Mac App Store $7.99) and SketchMee (Mac App Store $7.99). Zooming in, you can... Read More

Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (May 2011): Veronica Ricci

Welcome to Macenstein‘s “Mac Chick of the Month”. Each month we feature a different die-hard, Mac-loving girl who is (almost) as well designed as the Apple products they love. This month we present you with the lovely Veronica Ricci, a Penthouse Pet and budding cook! Look carefully and see if you can spot the Macs in these pictures. – Name: Veronica Ricci Click to download.  Read More

Here’s why Apple Support shouldn’t be helping people clear their Mac Defender Malware off their system

ZDNet’s Ed Bott (of the Microsoft Report) appears to be really pushing this Mac Defender Malware thing – doing his best to make sure the press goes nuts and blows the story out of proportion. His latest article, “Apple to support Reps: “Do Not attempt to remove malware“, aside from being link bait, appears to be missing the point. According to a recently leaked memo (below), Apple has told its AppleCare employees to not assist in removing the newly released... Read More

MST3K on the PC/Mac debate – Some things never change

Behold the epic “Mac Vs. PC debate, taking place “In the not-too-distant future, Next Sunday, A.D.” (Actually probably about 1990). Funny how the fanboy arguments on both sides haven’t changed in the last 22 years or so. Incidentally, if you were ever a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and if you’re over 29 years old, odds are you ARE) do yourself a favor and check out their live show, Cinematic Titanic. Also, pretty much all the old episodes... Read More

Portal 2 for Mac is out via Steam

What with my damn wiener kids sucking up all my free time, I haven’t even gotten around to picking up a copy of Civilization 5 yet, so the odds of me ever playing Portal 2 are somewhere between slim to none. Still, for those of you young enough/smart enough to not yet have ruined life with marriage and children, it’s out on SteamPlay now, so go get it. (I’m kidding of course. The Wii I’m stuck playing has many wonderful, colorful, safe happy games…... Read More

Where are they now? Bike messenger/screenwriter Brian Durkin

No, seriously, where is he? This isn’t one of those “We’ve tracked down Brian – let’s see what he’s up to” kind of articles. I’d like it to be, but I just can’t find any trace of him at all. Above: “DUDE! You’re getting a Mac!” Who is Brian Durkin, you ask? Well, way back in 1994, Apple ran a series of PowerBook ads featuring folks like Todd Rundgren, Art Monk, Tama Janowitz and Martina Navratilova, all... Read More


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