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Games that Don’t Suck: DragonVale

Today’s game that doesn’t suck is DragonVale (free/universal) , a Freemium title from BackFlip Studios. Before I go into why it doesn’t suck, let me just point out that this game actually came DANGEROUSLY close to getting a “Suck” rating, solely for the one fatal flaw that I will go into later in this review. However the awesomeness was ultimately able to beat out the suckage, so If you’re into Sim-like time wasters to help you escape the tedium... Read More

iCloud and little girls don’t mix

Looks like I will be turning off the “automatically sync new apps” on my iPhone now that my daughter has discovered the joys of downloading “freemium” game spam on her iPod touch.  Read More

Look out Apple: Amazon launches Mac App Download Store

When I first read the headline “Amazon launches Mac Download Store“, I thought it was an Onion headline. Somehow it almost seemed akin to Amazon building it’s own Macs for some reason. Yet, sure enough, it DOES exist, and just as the Amazon music store beats Apple’s iTunes in most ways, it looks like Amazon’s Mac App Store is also out doing Apple’s own offering. First of all, Amazon has special Free apps. These aren’t just the same “always... Read More

Games that don’t suck: Army of Darkness Defense

GAMES THAT DON’T SUCK is a feature dedicated to games that I think are well worth your hard earned money, but not worth me sitting down and spending 3 hours crafting an in-depth review (these things are usually 99¢ after all). However, you can rest assured that any game bearing Macenstein’s GTDS rating is worth buying, sight unseen, based solely on my expert opinion. Army of Darkness Defense (iPhone 99¢, iPad $2.99) is one of those rare Games that doesn’t... Read More

Angry Birds meets Star Wars – But where’s Bacon Fett?

If there was one underlying message children were meant to take away from the Star Wars movies, it’s that bad guys are WAY cooler than the good guys. Just like in the REAL life. And I think that message comes shinning through in this set of “Star Wars meets Angry Birds” mockups. The Imperial Pigs kick ass. Although, I would have loved to see Bacon Fett. (or would it be Boba Fatt?) Oh wait, THERE he is! Turns out his name’s “Boarba Fett”, which... Read More

Portal 2 Blue screen of death

Among many other cool little Portal 2 spoilers, SuperPunch posted this awesome screenshot of a death most of us haven’t seen in a LOOOONG time. (OK, so it’s not an “official Windows” death screen, but it certainly ain’t a spinning beach ball).  Read More

Portal 2 for Mac is out via Steam

What with my damn wiener kids sucking up all my free time, I haven’t even gotten around to picking up a copy of Civilization 5 yet, so the odds of me ever playing Portal 2 are somewhere between slim to none. Still, for those of you young enough/smart enough to not yet have ruined life with marriage and children, it’s out on SteamPlay now, so go get it. (I’m kidding of course. The Wii I’m stuck playing has many wonderful, colorful, safe happy games…... Read More

OMFG “Adventure” comes to the iPhone! And it’s FREE!

Yes kids, there was a time when video games looked this bad, and they were played on a little thing called the Atari 2600. I remember when my brothers and I got our 2600 for Christmas, and Adventure was included in the box. Above: Behold the awesomeness that IS the golden castle! Above: I can’t believe I still remember the route of the maze after 25 years… and yes, that arrow is your sword. The description of the game painted a vision of a magical world full of... Read More


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