parody - Macenstein

Steve Jobs look-a-like selling tea in Taiwan

Oh, Steve’s not gonna like this. Or is he? A Taiwan-based tea company has posted a new ad featuring a Steve Jobs look-a-like letting people know they can earn a chance to win an iPad 2 with each purchase. Apple recently cracked down on contests using “iPhone” and “iPad” in their promotional materials, and they’ve been quick to protect Steve’s image in the past. Still, there’s something charming about the use of Steve to sell tea... Read More

Angry Birds meets Star Wars – But where’s Bacon Fett?

If there was one underlying message children were meant to take away from the Star Wars movies, it’s that bad guys are WAY cooler than the good guys. Just like in the REAL life. And I think that message comes shinning through in this set of “Star Wars meets Angry Birds” mockups. The Imperial Pigs kick ass. Although, I would have loved to see Bacon Fett. (or would it be Boba Fatt?) Oh wait, THERE he is! Turns out his name’s “Boarba Fett”, which... Read More


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