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This is why the terrorists hate us

Awww… look at the cute little kitty playing with the World’s most expensive cat toy! That’s right, this is a real app. It’s called Game for Cats (iTunes), and it’s free if you have a (preferably declawed) cat you’d like to mess with. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Marksman for the tip!  Read More

Enter to win a TankBot!

Thank you, we have out winner. This contest is closed I’d like you to close your eyes for a moment, and imagine the coolest thing in the world. Got it? Ok, it’s a cute tank that you can control with your iPhone, right? (Oh, you can open your eyes now, by the way… although you probably can’t see this… crap I should have thought this out better). Yes, thanks to our good friends over at DeskPets we are giving one lucky reader their very own TankBot.... Read More

NSFW: Siri as marriage counselor

With more and more of us becoming more comfortable talking to our phones than each other, I actually don’t think this is too far off. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Mike for the tip! Via CollegeHumor  Read More

Angry Birds, domino style

When it comes the the YouTube Domino video world, Flippycat is a legend (yes, there IS a YouTube Domino world). In fact, his amazing clips inspired my son to make his own awesome domino videos when he was 3 (and by awesome, I mean adorably horrible), and I invite you to check them out here and here). But I’m not here simply to bore you with home movies, rather, to point out Flippycat’s awesomeness. Check out his clever domino homage to Angry Birds below.  Read More

Scared of Cell Phone cancer? Get an iPhone

Sound logic that using an iPhone is less likely to give you cancer than traditional cell phones. iPhone No Cancer Commercial – watch more funny videos via Funny or Die  Read More

Droid mascot gets his own iOS game – has a girlfriend?

You know, if there’s one thing I’m jealous of in the Android world it’s their super cute robot mascot. As successful as Apple has been by keeping all their advertising locked in a bland, white world for the last 20 years, their commercials are just not fun to watch. They lack personality. But that little green robot… he practically OOZES charisma, as do most robots, quite frankly. Well, luckily, iOS developer Toc has decided to bring Android’s little... Read More

MST3K on the PC/Mac debate – Some things never change

Behold the epic “Mac Vs. PC debate, taking place “In the not-too-distant future, Next Sunday, A.D.” (Actually probably about 1990). Funny how the fanboy arguments on both sides haven’t changed in the last 22 years or so. Incidentally, if you were ever a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and if you’re over 29 years old, odds are you ARE) do yourself a favor and check out their live show, Cinematic Titanic. Also, pretty much all the old episodes... Read More

White iPhone plus sweaty palms =

New White iPhone 4 Commercial – watch more funny videos via Funny or Die  Read More

World’s smallest Apple store looks like it would rank #1 in customer service

Ironically, this is the 3rd largest store in China A reddit user posted a picture of an “Apple store” in China which brings new meaning to the term “One to One”, as I doubt more than one customer plus the employee could fit in there. How awesome would it be if that store was sitting on 500 iPad 2’s right now? (And actually, I suppose given that it’s located in China, where pretty much every iPad 2 purchased in the US was shipped, odds are that... Read More

Season Premiere of South Park targets iPhone location tracking with the Human Centipad

Wow those guys work fast. I have always been impressed with how quickly the guys at South Park can crank out a topical episode, but I HAVE to imagine this was a perfect storm of South Park already going to make their “Human Centipad” sketch, and then they somehow were able to tack on a 2 minute tracking piece. If not, they must have literally gotten their turn around time from script to air down to about 6 days. If you missed the episode, I assume it will be rerun... Read More


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