apple store - Macenstein

Sweet desktop wallpaper of the Pudong Apple Store, Shanghai

Macenstein‘s senior Shaghai correspondent, Min Wei snapped this sweet nighttime panorama of the iconic Pudong Apple Store in Shanghai, and was nice enough to share it with us. Click the image to download the full sized 2560 x 1600 wallpaper. Thanks Min!  Read More

World’s smallest Apple store looks like it would rank #1 in customer service

Ironically, this is the 3rd largest store in China A reddit user posted a picture of an “Apple store” in China which brings new meaning to the term “One to One”, as I doubt more than one customer plus the employee could fit in there. How awesome would it be if that store was sitting on 500 iPad 2’s right now? (And actually, I suppose given that it’s located in China, where pretty much every iPad 2 purchased in the US was shipped, odds are that... Read More


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