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Run, don’t walk, to pick up your $5 Apple shoes!

I’m seriously thinking of moving to China, just to save on the shipping costs of all the awesome Apple-related knockoffs I end up buying. Case in point, check out these awesome $5 Apple logo sneakers they have over there! Of course the only problem with my plan is I would sell my house, uproot my family, and dig all the way there only to find that no one in China has a size 13 foot. Well, at least I could cry on Yao Ming’s giant shoulder. If he were sitting down.... Read More

Chinese teen is attempting to sell her virginity for an iPhone 4

I wonder why we don’t hear stories like this about Windows 7 and Droid phones? Horny American artist's conception In yet another story of people in China selling parts of their bodies for Apple gear, the Korea Herald is reporting that a Chinese teen is attempting to sell her virginity in order to get an iPhone 4. No word yet on what model of iPhone, or if the girl is attractive, but we’ll keep you posted as more information surfaces. Far be it for me to stop virgins... Read More

World’s smallest Apple store looks like it would rank #1 in customer service

Ironically, this is the 3rd largest store in China A reddit user posted a picture of an “Apple store” in China which brings new meaning to the term “One to One”, as I doubt more than one customer plus the employee could fit in there. How awesome would it be if that store was sitting on 500 iPad 2’s right now? (And actually, I suppose given that it’s located in China, where pretty much every iPad 2 purchased in the US was shipped, odds are that... Read More


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