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Steve Jobs, frozen in carbonite iPhone case feels like something I should want, but don’t

Society6 is selling a “Steve Jobs in Carbonite” iPhone case for $35 that in theory is such a perfect geeky combination that I SHOULD want to own it. But something about it just feels so very creepy… I’m not sure I would want to touch it, let alone hold it really close to my cheek. Still, the idea IS oddly awesome. If the iPhone case isn’t your thing, it’s also available as a decal, art print, and T-Shirt. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader... Read More

Angry Birds meets Star Wars – But where’s Bacon Fett?

If there was one underlying message children were meant to take away from the Star Wars movies, it’s that bad guys are WAY cooler than the good guys. Just like in the REAL life. And I think that message comes shinning through in this set of “Star Wars meets Angry Birds” mockups. The Imperial Pigs kick ass. Although, I would have loved to see Bacon Fett. (or would it be Boba Fatt?) Oh wait, THERE he is! Turns out his name’s “Boarba Fett”, which... Read More

Apple shuts down M.I.C., once again

Ahh, would you look at what I got in the mail today, a message form M.I.C telling me that Apple has ordered them to stop selling their iHub USB hub. Luckily, it says my order will still be honored, so it would seem I am quickly building quite the collection of “Apple-legal-cease-and-desist” devices from M.I.C, already having ordered and received my banned Steve Jobs action figures. What I find most interesting about this is obviously M.I.C knows Apple will shut them... Read More

Portal 2 Blue screen of death

Among many other cool little Portal 2 spoilers, SuperPunch posted this awesome screenshot of a death most of us haven’t seen in a LOOOONG time. (OK, so it’s not an “official Windows” death screen, but it certainly ain’t a spinning beach ball).  Read More

Good lord! How old is Apple’s ergonomics page?!

Wow. It looks like Apple’s ergonomics web page predates the internet. Is that an Apple II that 1st guy is using? No wonder he’s suffering from “lightning bolt neck”. Oddly, besides that Apple II-looking thing, there’s not a Mac to be found in any of Apple’s “ergonomic no-no’s” drawings. I suppose the indication here is that unlike PCs, it is impossible for a Mac to cause harm to a human. I think its the 1st law of Mac computing... Read More

Steve Jobs was the world’s first Zillionaire at age 29

digg_url = '; I was going through my dad’s sock drawer this morning, like I do every Friday, and I came across this old Playboy from February of 1985 featuring an interview with an about-to-be-ousted-from-Apple Steve Jobs. Apparently at the ripe age of 29 Steve was the world’s first Zillionaire – no small feat, given that those are 1985 dollars (not to mention the fact that a... Read More


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