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Man beats up innocent stranger when Find My iPhone tracks his “missing” iPhone to the wrong location

This story is awesome for a couple reasons. Carl Ippolito, 52, a youth baseball umpire, returned to his car after a game to find his iPhone was missing. With a regular phone, the story would have ended there, but luckily (for we the media that is, not Ippolito) Ippolito had an iPhone, and so did his son. Together the pair used Find My iPhone on his son’s iPhone to track Carl’s missing phone to an alley near a lumber yard. There Ippolito came upon hapless Brent Johnson,... Read More

Droid mascot gets his own iOS game – has a girlfriend?

You know, if there’s one thing I’m jealous of in the Android world it’s their super cute robot mascot. As successful as Apple has been by keeping all their advertising locked in a bland, white world for the last 20 years, their commercials are just not fun to watch. They lack personality. But that little green robot… he practically OOZES charisma, as do most robots, quite frankly. Well, luckily, iOS developer Toc has decided to bring Android’s little... Read More

Apple shuts down M.I.C., once again

Ahh, would you look at what I got in the mail today, a message form M.I.C telling me that Apple has ordered them to stop selling their iHub USB hub. Luckily, it says my order will still be honored, so it would seem I am quickly building quite the collection of “Apple-legal-cease-and-desist” devices from M.I.C, already having ordered and received my banned Steve Jobs action figures. What I find most interesting about this is obviously M.I.C knows Apple will shut them... Read More

MIC releases yet another “Get it before Apple legal Attacks” goodie

M.I.C, the fine folks who released that amazingly detailed Steve Jobs Action figure, which Apple legal subsequently (allegedly) had pulled, and which M.I.C. subsequently began reselling after adding a ninja hood and throwing stars (I was able to snag two, in fact), is at it again, this time releasing an external USB hub that not only goes by the Apple-sounding name of “iHub”, but also features an illuminated Apple logo. In fact, at first glance, the only real tip-off... Read More


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