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Droid mascot gets his own iOS game – has a girlfriend?

You know, if there’s one thing I’m jealous of in the Android world it’s their super cute robot mascot. As successful as Apple has been by keeping all their advertising locked in a bland, white world for the last 20 years, their commercials are just not fun to watch. They lack personality. But that little green robot… he practically OOZES charisma, as do most robots, quite frankly. Well, luckily, iOS developer Toc has decided to bring Android’s little... Read More

The French government hearts Windows, hates iOS and Android

Oh, those wacky French and their crazy laws… always good for a laugh. Remember that wacky “Copie PrivĂ©e” levy the french slap on blank writeable media, under the assumption that it’ll be used to infringe copyright? Well, faithful Macenstein reader (and apparent Android Tablet owner) Mike tells us that the French government is looking to impose that same tax (of about $19) to each iPad and Android tablet sold, under the same assumption that people willing... Read More

Eeeewww… Droid phone explodes – blood and ears fly everywhere

Damn telemarketers! Deep in the heart of Texas, a certain Aron Embry found out the hard way that the term “Fragmented Android market” applies not only to the different software versions the Android phones run, but to the phones themselves, as fragments of his Motorola Droid ended up cutting through his ear when it exploded. Ouch. Aron Embry was at Ray Elementary in Cedar Hill at the time of the incident. The man said he had just finished a call when he said he heard... Read More

Netflix having trouble developing for the fragmented Android platform

Looks like Angry Birds’ developers aren’t the only ones having trouble getting their app to play nice across the thousands of slightly different Android devices. Netflix‘s developers have weighed in on their blog expressing their frustration due to the fragmentation of the Android platform. We recently announced the availability of Netflix on Windows Phone 7 devices, which, alongside the iPhone, represents the second mobile phone platform we have enabled for... Read More

Angry Birds maker confirms that developing for Android is a nightmare

Angry Birds maker Rovio has made a post on its blog addressing the performance issues many Android users are experiencing running its game, and in the process confirming Steve Jobs’ assertion that developing for a fragmented platform such as Android is a nightmare for developers. Read More  Read More

Them’s FIGHTIN’ WORDS! (I think…)

GEEK FIGHT! GEEK FIGHT! So, how did Android chief Andy Rubin respond to Steve Jobs‘ Android bashing during yesterday’s Apple earnings conference call? He did what ANY man would do, he made a somewhat over my head techy Tweet in Android code, (his first tweet ever, in fact!). OUCH! Take THAT Steve! Actually, in looking at it, all Andy’s tweet really says is that Android is an open platform, which is pretty much what Steve said. What Steve’s problem was... Read More


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