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Oksana Grigorieva confirms that the iPhone ruined Mel Gibson’s career

Well, technically MEL ruined it, but on last night’s Larry King Live, Mel Gibson‘s Ex Oksana Grigorieva confirmed that all those rather unflattering recordings of Mel Gibson that broke a few months back were recorded on Oksana’s iPhone. “Larry: How are they [the recordings] so technically good? Oksana: They’re not THAT good. It’s just… Larry: They’re pretty good. Oksana: Really? Larry: Don’t you think? You had a home machine? Oksana:... Read More

Them’s FIGHTIN’ WORDS! (I think…)

GEEK FIGHT! GEEK FIGHT! So, how did Android chief Andy Rubin respond to Steve Jobs‘ Android bashing during yesterday’s Apple earnings conference call? He did what ANY man would do, he made a somewhat over my head techy Tweet in Android code, (his first tweet ever, in fact!). OUCH! Take THAT Steve! Actually, in looking at it, all Andy’s tweet really says is that Android is an open platform, which is pretty much what Steve said. What Steve’s problem was... Read More

Microsoft tells us why PCs are better than Macs

Microsoft has launched a new page comparing PCs to Macs, and guess who comes out on top? Let’s see if you can find six misleading statements hidden in Microsoft’s arguments below: (thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Billy for the tip!) Macs can take time to learn. The computer that’s easiest to use is typically the one you already know how to use. While some may say Macs are easy, the reality is that they can come with a learning curve. PCs running Windows... Read More

Adobe: 7 million people attempt to download Flash each month to their iPhones

Adobe unleashed a pretty damaging statistic in the whole “You Suck” , “Well you smell!” thing going on between Apple and Adobe right now. Apparently despite Steve Jobs’ claims that Flash is on the way out, Adobe reports that over 7 million iPhone and iPod touch users attempted to install Flash on their iPhones in the month of December alone. Stats were measured based on unsuccessful attempts to install Flash from I’m not positive... Read More


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