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Microsoft tells us why PCs are better than Macs

Microsoft has launched a new page comparing PCs to Macs, and guess who comes out on top?
Let’s see if you can find six misleading statements hidden in Microsoft’s arguments below: (thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Billy for the tip!)

Macs can take time to learn.
The computer that’s easiest to use is typically the one you already know how to use. While some may say Macs are easy, the reality is that they can come with a learning curve. PCs running Windows 7 look and work more like the computers you’re familiar with, so you can get up and running quickly.

Macs might spoil your fun.
There are some things you simply can’t do out of the box with a Mac like watch, pause, rewind, and record TV like a DVR.
It’s showtime.
You can’t get a Mac that ships with a Blu-ray player, TV tuner, Memory Stick reader, or built-in 3G wireless. You can with PCs running Windows 7.

Macs don’t work as well at work or at school.
If most of the computers in your office or school run Windows you may find it harder to get things done with a Mac.

Macs don’t like to share.
At least half the fun of having a computer is sharing the stuff that matters to you with other people. This is harder to do on a Mac.

Macs might not like your PC stuff.
Plain and simple, if you’re a PC user, lots of your favorite stuff just might not work on a Mac. With PCs outselling Macs 10 to 1, the reality is that most computer software is developed to run on PCs.

Macs don’t let you choose.
PCs give you a lot more choice and capabilities for your money. You can get the PC you want, in the size and color you want, with the features you want. You just don’t have as many options with a Mac.

44 Responses to “Microsoft tells us why PCs are better than Macs”
  1. Donut says:

    *what if youve been using a Mac all your life? using Windows 7 isnt exactly intuitive or simple. its ore old school and frustrating.

    *does anyone actually watch live broadcast tv anymore? id rather just have a DVR than a full blown computer for recording. but eh to each their own.
    why would i want a blu-ray player on a computer? if im gonna get a bluray player, then i want the settop box to actually hook to a big ol tv.

    *Windows PCs dont like to share. simple settings to share anything from Mac to Mac. but with Windows, its certainly quite a chore to accomplish.

    *so far my Macs have gotten along with my “PC stuff”. ive had more luck finding stuff that works from the getgo on a Mac than on a Windows PC.

    *PCs might be able to give me hardware customizations that i want, but Windows doesnt give me much of anything other than a headache. so ill stick with Macs because they run OS X.

    i really just dont see how Microsoft can do what Apple has. especially since Microsoft doesnt design the hardware as well. all they have to offer is a fairly decent OS that to this day i still cant adjust to.

    • Edgardo says:

      One more thing you can always install windows on a Mac and run both OSs simultaneously it cant get better than that.

      • zac says:

        Thats a victory to bill gates his OS can run on his competitors machin. whats better than that. apple need to get up with the play but they never will because they have to have their own exclusive over priced crap.

        • Edgardo says:

          true it is a victory to Bill gates but not on the sales part because that would make me buy mac so thats a sale towards apple. Also u are right about being expensive but u get what u pay for to get and thats how it is. I have been using windows my whole life and it took me a week trying out my mac just to realize wich one is the better product and I am not talking about hardware I am talking about the OS it self.

      • Dals says:

        How exactly will you install windows without the cd drive?

        • Edgardo says:

          Digital Copy when u buy the software u can request a digital download but for mac purposes if u have the macbook without the cd drive just get the external cd drive plain and simple 🙂 the only reason I defend mac for having the capabilities of installing windows its because my buddy has it on his macbook and it works great its like having a hybrid the downside of it is that u need to have a high capacity of RAM and hard disk drive because u have to split it with windows os

    • Jamison says:

      this is a good one…
      Macs might not like your PC stuff.
      Plain and simple, if you’re a PC user, lots of your favorite stuff just might not work on a Mac. With PCs outselling Macs 10 to 1, the reality is that most computer software is developed to run on PCs.

      you know what? ive found MULTIPLE applications ony my mac that allow me to run ANY windows software, WITHOUT INSTALLING WINDOWS!!! hmm yeah pc stuff deosent work on mac

  2. MyHappyTel says:

    Ahhhhh I didn’t know Microsoft would have sunk this low to try and tell you that PC’s are better than macs. I prefer PC only because I’m used to it and its cheaper. But I hate windows. Microsofts points are totally wrong. You don’t need Windows7 with your PC, that’s where they got it all wrong. As if Windows is better than ubuntu, etc… Anyways I reckon Mac’s are way better!

  3. anonymous says:

    well, macs are expensive. there you go.

    • James P. says:

      Oh, how smart you are. What a legitimate statement you’ve made. Good job there. “They’re over priced”?? Really?? You get what you pay for. If you want the best, you have to be willing to open-up that checkbook a little more. That’s all I can say. If you’re a cheap-o and want an old, ugly, piece of pathetic junk then go ahead and get a PC instead. I dare you. I’ve looked at both sides the argument(trying not to be biased as possible) and I found that Macs had much more justifiable reasons going for them(obviously). Ok, yes, if you are some nerdy gamer then you would probably want a PC. Other than that and your obvious lack-of-effort excuse, there’s really no genuine reasons as to why you shouldn’t get a Mac instead. Don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. When I was in school, the whole district used Macs and when I went home I used Windows. I’ve had experience with both. Therefore, I think I’m entitled to saying that Macs are much cleaner. Much more presentable(exterior/body) and so much more organized and user-friendly(interior).

      • Billiam says:

        Haha what? Pay twice as much for half the customization and features? Ok. Genius. Why didn’t I think of that?
        And look at how ugly, old, and pathetic that is, you’re right again.
        I guess you could call me a nerdy because I’m interested in STEM, and I guess having the default windows games could make me a gamer.

        And yes Windows can be complicated…… If you make it complicated, and you only have a 3rd grade education. If you think Windows 7 isn’t intuitive, switch the language from russian to english in Settings. It helps, I promise. And I know pressing 3 buttons is difficult and archaic, but I believe in you, you can do it.

        Also, I know how enticing those “1,000,000th visitor!” ads are, but if you resist clicking them believe it or not, your windows machine will be twice as secure as a mac(yes macs can be infected(more parentheses because I know how shocked you are right now)).
        But what do I know, I don’t even fit in with society. Paying half the price for a sleek machine with double the features and intuitiveness? Blasphemy. Now just hold on while I go buy a couch, a plasma tv, and a few dogs with that extra money you spent for less product….

        • Richard says:

          Wow, you guys should all calm down. It’s a Microsoft page so obviously they’re going to say their stuff is better. I have to say though as a PC user and now recently a Mac user they both have their strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been a gamer for a long time and I’ve built my PC towards that which is one of the benefits of PC, you can actually build your own. However, I’m also working towards becoming a music producer which I was doing with the PC and thought nothing of the fact that every professional music studio had a Mac in it. Then I found out why after I received my Macbook Pro the audio interface is astounding compared to PC and it just sounds better without having to buy a sound card. As far as operating systems goes it really just depends on the person I’ve enjoyed windows 7 and I’ve enjoyed OS X. I’d have to say OS X does seem a little bit neater but that’s not saying windows 7 can’t be neat because your PC is as neat as you make it. Mac may seem expensive but when you start getting into the higher end of gaming PCs they get pretty expensive to. So really both systems are great and I’m going to continue to use both.

  4. Tice says:

    Haha, Donut, you fall for it! ; )

    Yeah, it’s funny that MS actually digg up those old chlichees to sell their stuff.

  5. richard says:

    windows 7 maybe easy to share with another windows 7 user, just see how ‘easy’ it is to get an XP system to have access to a folder on a windows 7 system.


    • Dan says:

      Its exactly the same?…….. I would say that windows xp is virtually the same as windows 7, just without all the colors and processor intensive animations. :L The features and functions available for windows users haven’t really changed much, Microsoft have just made them easier to use (Locate and figure out how to use them) for those people who are more technologically incompetent. (People- Meaning you)


  6. Garanimal says:

    Familiar Metaphor?

    You are hungry & think you know what you want for lunch. 
    You go to a mediocre burger joint & order the special.

    They ask if you want the $2, $4, $6 or $10 version?
    They all appear the same and should cure your hunger pains, but the guy at the counter insists that they are very very different and worth the price difference.

    You settle on the mid range $4 burger. 
    When it arrives; it has a familiar aroma, similar to thr scent that you just encountered in the mens room. Upon closer investigation you find that it not only smells of poo, but has a similar texture & displacement on the bun. But… They wouldn’t serve you a poo sandwich; it looks like a burger, it must be safe to consume.

    You take a bite… Yup, it’s poo alright. Now you have poo on your smile, poo on your breath, no amount of swearing can come close to defining how upset you are the situation. It certainly did solve your hunger to try something new, but the only thing you enjoyed was the bread.

    You assume that it’s because you chose the less pricey option but all of your neighboring burger lovers with a variety of versions all ended up with the same filler.

    You attempt to return it to the counter when you are informed that they did know there was a problem in the kitchen and decided to deliver it anyways on the chance that you liked it, but the NEW cook has a better recipe coming soon, just wait and they will let you know…

    30 minutes later you are advised that for an additional fee, you can get the “New Version”, and it uses the very same bun.

    As expected the mediocre burger arrives (some real meat in there this time), most folks around you that were served the same pile of crap to begin with are enthusiastically consuming the replacement and joyfully discussing how much “better it is”.

    Even though the burger tastes better you know that the ingredients are the same, just the seasoning is better. But don’t worry, there are plenty of Doctors out there they can treat your new stomach virus (for a nominal fee). 

    You make a promise to yourself.  Next time you’ll just get the apple pie…

  7. Lee says:

    Agree with last point!

    I can get the PC I want, in the size and color I want, with the features I want.

    I’m typing on it now… My MacBook Pro.

    • zac says:

      So you want poor gaming performance and media playback? and try upgrade ur gpu see how that works out for u.

  8. Jens says:

    Well both PC’s or Mac’s require a learning curve, it depends on what the user is accustomed to. In any case as a 10 years Windows user (now switched to a Mac) I found that Mac are easy to be used. Windows allows you to do the same task in different ways, if you’re not familiar with it you end up confused. With Mac there is usually one way to do things, and once you do you remember.

    And I don’t care about Blue Ray, it’s already outdated for me. Mass storage devices like Hard Disks software /hardware products like EyeTV allow me to record pause rewind or do whatever I want, and if not…I prefer having a set top box like TIVO or similar. Easy to operate and I don’t need any CD or DVD’s

    I went to school and I work and in both cases I could share my documents and use almost the same program on PC and on Mac. MS Office are compatible right now provided I don’t need VBA macro and stuffs. And if I couldn’t eventually find a program for the Mac, I have the option to emulate using Parallels or VMware (for Autocad) or use BootCamp.

    Mac actually like to share. I can share almost everything on my mac. Scanner, printer, Wi-Fi and folders with any other Mac or PC and the process is way easier than on a PC. All I need to do is go to System preferences and choose Sharing and check the boxes I need. Try o share a USB or CD/DVD burner on Windows, or share a Windows folder from Windows Vista to XP or 7…. Not that ‘seamless’

    Mac gives you a limited choice of hardware , but Hardware and Software are better integrated on the Mac than on the Windows world and it just works… Win must run almost every hardware on the market but the software and drivers for achieving that is far from being perfect and bugless…

    MS is obviosuly scared of Apple but this cheap attempt of competing with Cupertino makes me laugh…

  9. Gw says:

    “And Macs can’t connect to an Xbox 360”
    Yes they can –

    “Unlike Macs, many PCs running Windows 7 support Touch, so you can browse online newspapers, flick through photo albums, and shuffle files and folders—using nothing but your fingers.”

    “You’ll have to buy a separate hardware dongle to plug your Mac into a standard VGA projector”
    Most PC laptops I’ve come acrosss now use a HDMI port as standard, with few using a VGA connector.

  10. Eflores says:

    Besides, you can run Windows ON a Mac. Take that, Apple! … Oh…

    • zac says:

      Thats because bill gates is smart. his OS is compatible with all types of hardware. he can sell way more software that way. apple are the losers there mate. end of story if u know about computers and electronics u like PCs better, if ur a metrosexual design student u like Macs better.

  11. Paul says:

    Anyone stupid enough to drink MS’s KoolAid, deserves everything they get.

  12. M4tt says:

    this war has been around since there was a Mac and a PC.
    My stance is there are no perfect OS. If there was why would
    we ever need to upgrade? OSX is on what version now?
    There are how many different flavors of Linux out there?
    Granted that Windows has had 2 versions that where total flops they have moved forward with windows 7.
    The big difference between Windows and Mac is Apple wanted to hold onto it’s
    computer production and not let anyone else build them. With that they
    made it more expensive as they where the Monopoly on the block.
    With windows and now Linux you can buy computers from so many
    companies and places is it any wonder why their market share is bigger than apple?
    this is also one reason that hackers write viruses for windows and why they
    go after Cisco routers. There are more of them out there.

    Now before you come at me i have one last thing to say. If you like Mac or have ever though of getting out you will stick with a Mac.
    If you use a windows PC and like it you will most likely stick with it.

  13. Ruben DeLaRosa says:

    Some bs here, Macs are hard to set up to share, Macs don’t work as well at school. At work they have a point, because AD integration sucks. Macs don’t like your PC stuff, etc. But there are some points, seriously Apple are you listening? No blu-ray, no broadband cards, now not even any expansions slots at all. A SD slot, really? Zero expansion on any Mac unless you want a net of usb and or firewire cables or can afford a Mac Pro and even then PCIe only. Not even one legacy PCI or PCiX slot. Windows support on BootCamp is a joke. Drivers are sketchy. Very little options available, no mid tower. It’s our way or the high way as far as they’re concerned. Frankly I’m kind of sick of Apple’s take it or leave it attitude towards its customers.

  14. photogirl says:

    *Macs don’t work as well at work or at school.

    Ummm… REALLY? Let’s see – I’m one of the few w/ a Mac in my office – I’m everyone is quite jealous since I don’t have the problems they do.

    *Macs might not like your PC stuff.

    My Mac runs Windows. Let’s see a PC easily do that. Oh wait – and when it DOES run Windows, it bogs my machine down BIG TIME. Go figure. Gotta love that Windoze.

  15. Imagine Engine says:

    Another poor attempt at bashing Apple makes me roll on the floor laughing 🙂

  16. Tim says:

    Some silly arguments on that page: (1) There are more PC’s out there, so they are inherently easier to use and (by extension?) are better as well (2) you can choose different colors!

    I am a Mac user, and I haven’t used a PC in years. Whenever I use my parents’ PC, I no longer feel familiar with Windows: it’s awkward and counter-intuitive. Whether it’s through Mac design, or because of my long hiatus from using PC’s, I find Macs to be pretty damn straightforward.

    Also, steep learning curve? Those pesky hot keys! Just print out a damn cheat sheet and you will master Mac hot keys in no time. Unless, of course, Microsoft is implying that their customer base is too dull and should “expect” to experience a steep learning curve.

    I realize that there are more points made on that page, but the the “appeal to ubiquity” is pretty ridiculous.

  17. Dwight Crisman says:

    Do you prefer McDonalds or a really good hamburger and surroundings? Sent from Germany on a T-Mobile broadband wireless Sim Card stick It’s all about software and when you update. (Third party included)

  18. Rob says:

    Oh those crazies over at Microsoft…guess they forgot they only make the software and have no control over the hardware from which their software is run on….which most of their arguments for Windows are based.

  19. M.Piedmont says:

    I’ve been an owner & user of both PC’s & MAC’s for years. For most of my life I used a regular PC for everything, then one year a family member purchased a MAC. That’s when my life changed greatly. I love MAC computers mainly for their stability. I also fell in love with Apple’s philosophy to design their computers to be user friendly – and most importantly, fun to use. I’d say some of the draw backs of using MAC’s might be that for one, you can’t dive deep into the programing aspect of the system. Well, you can program on a MAC – but for the most part, MAC’s are not designed for programming. The second and most prominent draw back to owning a MAC though – would have to be the ridiculous cost of these machines. With just a little bit of “know-how”, you can build yourself an insanely powerful PC for lower then 1/3 the cost of a newer MAC G5. Building a PC really isn’t very hard at all. All you really need is the parts, while they all come together pretty easily. Everything you need to build a powerhouse of a computer can be found at discount computer supply websites. Not only can you build a machine that will blow away at-least 99% of the mass produced computers on the market in terms of speed – but you’ll know your computer literally inside & out while having fun all at the same time. Of-course, you can always put up a gamble & try purchasing a refurbished MAC to – but that can be a shady area to get into – while these machines can have some bad problems that aren’t under warranty.

  20. Barry says:

    Oh macfags are hipsters. With a windows based computer, or commonly refereed to as the PC, you have so much more to work with. You have a powerful operating system with a lot of support and fantastic 3rd party software. Which works a LOT better than apple APPS (not programs) that can be used from apple. For the same price as the so called ifag, you can buy a more powerful and more stable machine that will run programs faster. The idea that apple like to think different, is extremely overrated and feels like a cult. The fact they believe that their system is crafted with care and so much accuracy makes me think hang on, these guys are seriously trying to get my attention. Yes, you have my attention. And I will not convert. Such arrogance from the users completely puts me off apple. Another thing is that nearly every macfag knows nothing about computers. Oh, actually a crapintosh IS a pc. It can be used as a personal computer. So what does that make typical office windows based computers? OCs? I don’t need to put that in brackets. All an apple computer is, is a computer with less capable hardware, a less supported operating system and less functionality. The fact they feel the need to put an i in front of all their products makes me laugh. Do you know that the i originally stood for internet? And only 1 ipod can use a browser. LOL. Why put an i in front of it? To make it seem more awesome? No. It makes it look and sound completely stupid. ipad? ipod. idon’t care. Oh the website. The ultimate upgrade? Are apple really that desperate? This proves that apple have no idea what’s actually out there. Oh, did you know that apple use java script as their language? That’s HTML. BROWSER language. A general windows computer? C. C++ is the most powerful and intelligent language out there. Oh and one more thing. Real time graphics and rendering. The PC simply wins hands down. Gaming on a PC is THE gaming solution. Now some macgfags are reading this and probably thinking OOh, a pc is for work too. Ooh get of your PC blah blah. How about no. Yeah. YOU try running crysis at 1080p with ALL settings at full and get 30+ FPS. LOL. Oh and don’t brag about the monitors being beyond 1080. There are monitors with 2560 x1600. Also there are better LED side lit screens out there like LG and Samsung. With higher contrast ratios, quicker response times and sharper detail. I know this from an experience. Oh I almost forgot. Open source. Upgrade your crapintosh manually and you are no longer part of the apple tribe. Upgrade a piece of hardware every other year with a windows desktop computer and you are continuously up to date. Well, saying that hardware is constantly being developed as I type so as soon as one piece of hardware is on the shelf, another is being developed. So there you go. Why a windows based computer is better than apple computers. Oh and android FTW.

    • Owen Poole says:

      The reality is quite simple-PC’s work wonderfully for about a year…. And yes, I am typing this reply on an 850 dollar Hewlett Packard laptop. I have been spending exorbitant amounts of money every two years to buy the latest PC’s-and they just do not last. I will never again spend my hard earned money on a PC. 2 years after purchasing this laptop-which has comparable memory and hard drive space to the computers that are on the market today-I can barely watch a movie, switch from screen to screen, or listen to music. I am a heavy computer user-about 4 hours per day. The computer has up to date virus protection-and I am absolutely infuriated. I have literally spent about 10,000 dollars over the past 15 year purchasing PC’s. After my experience with my I Phone and I pod I am ready to make the switch…. Quite simply, fuck PC’s, and fuck your dumb ass for defending them.

    • Daniel says:

      “MacFags”????? asshole

  21. Anonymous says:

    Well I’m actually sorry to have to write this(from my iPhone.. Hope that doesn’t upset you). Ok first off, Really?? Before we even Try to bash Apple, lets do it right. You went on about how you can get ifag and all this ridiculous nonsense.. That’s just it. You Can get it. Of course you can. I’m not saying you can’t at all. I’m just saying that with Macs, you don’t Need to download all that junk. They have everything a Regular person would need for day to day activities and more(obviously). Then you went on about the games. Oh please. If you want to play all your nerdy games then yes, I’ll admit that Windows is probably better suited for games and what not. After that you gave some pretty pathetic reasons for why Apple put the “i” infront of the majority of their products. It’s like asking why Windows was named Windows. It’s the name. They wanted to make it original. How boring would it be if all people called it was “pod” or “pad”.. “Hey, look!! I got a new “pad” for Christmas!!” No. That sounds idiotic. However, you failed to mention how completely unorganized and ugly Windows makes its computers. Of course now, (who knows if you’ve seen the newer commercials, probably not due to you spending all your time bashing Apple), the new Windows/Dell, I really could care less, came out with a new model and do you know what it looks like exactly? Grey exterior with a black keyboard? Hmm. I wonder where. Maybe we shouldn’t push it with you. Sad, pathetic really, how they feel the need to basically steal the design off of a Mac. Make of that one, what you will..

  22. Edgardo says:

    I have been using windows for over 10 years and it took me 1 week to adjust to Mac and I never want to go back to windows and my mac is running windows 7 as well :))

  23. Michael says:

    ill be honest, i really did used to think macs were cool, they have a brilliant and simple operating system designed for easy use, they really are the best looking, and best built computers probably on the market, i mean the app market is brilliant, im currently typing this up on an ipad2, and i loved my old ipod touch… And yet im still a windows user for a few very simple reasons.

    (i know this is outdated, and a really old argument) but Macs are still obsurdly overpriced for the spec. The equivalent of my dell in a Macbook pro would be £2000, which doesnt compute for me, the ipad is only £100 max over its android equivalents.

    The games i currently play are only now available on Mac over the past year, thats a bit too late im afraid.

    I really dont want to have to pay for adapters which are ridiculously expensive ( and i have already felt the sting for, on my ipad ) , and then only be able to use one at a time.

    The price for replacement parts are absurd, ive seen a few being repaired before, woe betide anyone who accidently drops their mac.

    Compatibility; no matter what many people say the are still quite a few issues apple havnt sorted out ( before anyone replies i know windows also has flaws, obviously ), but i have created documents on ms word, or the pages app on mac and they havnt opened properly, or ocassionly not at all for some unexplainable reason on windows.

    Now this one is probably a faulted argument, but when i want to go rooting around in my pc program files, and then acess indivdual files for a fix in the coding, etc, i find that absurdly hard hard to do on mac as it optimised purely for easy program acess. (im open to every suggestion on that statement by the way).

    And im going to have to revert back to the Age old argument that i have used pc’s all my life, and to change now would possibly interupt my entire workflow and game practice for a high cost, or ill admit it may change it signicantly for the better. But i have to say, the arguments given by microsoft are very much unjustified and quite petty.

    PS. Please no one follow this with an absolute load of stupid and unfair comments, i have tried to remain fairly discrete and unbias in most cases i would prefer not to use language such as ‘macfag’? or ‘crapintosh’? And that refers to you ‘BARRY’…

  24. PC4Life says:

    MACS freaking Sucks. Most MAC users I have met were computer illiterate, didn’t know how to even add a printer. Average MAC User hates PC/Windows because they are simply computer illiterate. My PC never got any virus. It works superfast because I know how to tweak settings and perform the right upgrades. Here’s why windows better than MAC:

    PCs are expandable and upgradeable. PCs have a larger cross section of part available that are as good if not better then those provided by the manufacture.

    With a PC you get options. Don’t like Windows Media Player then try VLC, don’t like that then try something else. With a Mac there well iTunes. The biggest pill o’ crap I have ever seen. Always screws up your file structure. Pain in the ass to work with when trying to copy over files to the iPod. All in all it just sucks.

    You really can’t do any cool customizations to a Mac. You can what change out the Apple colors. With a PC you can do sweet mods like shoving a computer into a pumpkin just for the hell of it, or even making your laptop look like the souls of the dead are trying to escape. You never see any of this stuff for a Mac because it would be a waste to try. Be out $2k just to do something small, and if it breaks well your out. With a PC you would maybe spend $400-$500 on a base computer. If you have monitors.

    In windows when you maximize it take up the screen. On a Mac it leaves holes and gaps everywhere. All this means is when I click some place I’m more likely to pull up another window that I didn’t want. I don’t know about you but at any give time I have probable 8 windows open and that’s not counting my FireFox tabs. And when you get on a roll writing some code the last thing you want is to click something and have it appear right in your face and make you loose your momentum.

    • Rob says:

      You cant base your argument on “Most MAC users I have met were computer illiterate” a random statistic you made up in your head.
      I use both, theyre both good systems.
      Mac are expensive.
      P’cs are not.
      Macs are fast.
      Pc’s are slow.
      It dosent matter how you word it or how passionately you make your case this is true i use both on a daily basis for both of theyre srengths and i know the ins and outs of both.
      If you want the equivilent speed of a mac without a bottle neck in a pc you will have to pay a similar price for it.
      The world dosent evolve by standing still, changes have to be made, apple understand this which is why they are the biggest company in the world and the richest. You can’t argue with that because your arguing with the majority of the planet.
      Take a look:

      Dont be scared of change, change is good. Change is better, fater and more efficient.

  25. edgardo says:

    this page is full of nerds without a life, windows vs mac find wich everone you think is the best is not that hard windows is full of glitches and errors and mac is super clean and I have both and i know by experience that if u want something clean and smooth go with mac but if you are a fanboy of windows and not open minded and like the most popular but full of viruses OS go with windows. That simple I love both but I can tell wich one is better. You pay for what you get. Simple.

  26. Phil says:

    Macs are expensive, you get what you pay for though. I needed to get my Windows PC (top of the line) repaired 7 times in two years. I switched to a Mac and haven’t had a problem with it yet. Its compatible with all my colleagues windows files. And OSX is much simpler to use then Windows 7/8, I have never had a problem with my Mac, everything “Just works”

  27. Kyle says:

    PC’s are the no name brand. Macs are the brand name. There more expensive. More cool. Last longer and work better.

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