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Screenshots of AutoCad for Mac surface – reportedly “Works like $#!%”

Our good friends over at TheAppleLounge have received some screenshots of a beta of AutoCad running on the Mac. According to the user, the software “va una chiavica”, which loosely translates to “works like shit”. But it’s a very very early beta, so we predict by next month it will have progressed to working like crap.  Read More

Protect yourself from imaginary Mac viruses for FREE with ClamXav

What the –? The MyDoom virus?!??! Well, that’s what you get for keeping mail from 2007… As a Mac user there’s no greater feeling than hearing that a Windows-using friend of yours has lost important data due to a virus. Oh sure, you feel a little bad for them, but odds are as a Mac user of any length of time, you’ve smugly told them at least a couple... Read More

Apple iPhone OS 4 Event – The Good, The Bad, and the Meh

Today’s Yesterday’s iPhone OS 4 preview was chock full of announcements, and I’d wager to say there was at least something for everyone to like (assuming you don’t run an iPhone advertising or social community). As always when there is a big Apple event, we like to go over the key points of the day, and rate them as either good, bad, or meh. So sit back,... Read More

Adobe: 7 million people attempt to download Flash each month to their iPhones

Adobe unleashed a pretty damaging statistic in the whole “You Suck” , “Well you smell!” thing going on between Apple and Adobe right now. Apparently despite Steve Jobs’ claims that Flash is on the way out, Adobe reports that over 7 million iPhone and iPod touch users attempted to install Flash on their iPhones in the month of December alone. Stats... Read More

Full FileMaker client coming to iPhone – FileMaker 11 coming soon

Despite increased security, a naughty little bird reports from inside the FileMaker conference this weekend giving us a few details about FileMaker 11, as well as news that we can expect a full FileMaker client for the iPhone to drop very soon. “filemaker for iphone is very near. im at the conference right now. They seem to be very careful n this news and we all had to sign... Read More

When it comes to making iPhone apps, if you snooze, you lose

Last October I had what I thought was a killer idea for an iPhone app. I know, I know, who hasn’t? But this was (I thought) a better idea than another Suduko puzzle or restaurant tip calculator, it was actually a fairly unique idea. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am an animator, and while I can muddle my way through basic PHP and Flash’s Actionscript, and write some... Read More

Review: SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone – A hobbled app still manages to shine

Smart phone owners are notoriously loyal and defensive about their handset of choice, and like a good soldier I have vigorously proselytized the benefits of the iPhone to any Blackberry user I have run into. For the most part this was easy, as the only real argument I couldn’t defend was the iPhone’s lack of a physical keyboard, which to me was a non-issue. However,... Read More


 Read More

I have no idea what this just did…

Um… OK. Hooray, another enigmatic Apple update! Anyone know what this did? I assume this now resets my AT&T contract period and gives them the right to charge me for internet radio usage. I guess I’ll find out next month…  Read More

iPhone breast jiggling war illustrates “Double-D” sized problem for iPhone developers

An iPhone breast jiggling battle is quietly brewing between Tod Baudais of iJiggles and Jon Atherton of Wobble, and as it escalates, it threatens to tear apart the very fabric of breast jiggling on the iPhone. I can only hope we can stop it in time. Above: Wobble and iJiggles. Aren’t there enough breasts to go around? Both apps launched within days of each other, with Wobble... Read More


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