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I have no idea what this just did…

Um… OK.

Hooray, another enigmatic Apple update! Anyone know what this did? I assume this now resets my AT&T contract period and gives them the right to charge me for internet radio usage. I guess I’ll find out next month…

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  1. haha, OK Phelim, I get it. But the point of this article is Apple has increasingly been putting out updates without listing any features or explanation of what it contains. Why ask me “Do you want to download it?” if we have no idea what it does?

    I suppose you think the best compromise would be for Apple to include a link to Google and say “If you are interested in knowing what the software we are giving you does, Google it”.


    Besides, Googleing it actually doesn’t tell you what the update does either, just what it might potentially do.

    -The Doc

  2. flunkycarter says:

    Hello Dr.

  3. Xeno says:

    Your carrier is AT&T and those are most likely settings having to do with AT&Ts connection.

  4. iShervin says:

    well, it’s only in USA, and I think you will get some kinda new options or services soon!

  5. Gabe says:

    hey man,

    I got the same thing when i bought my iphone here in Brazil… Oh btw, i don’t know if you guys know, but there’s a law here that says that all of the cell carrier have to sell the iphone unblocked (be able to use with any carrier)… kinda cool uh??

  6. odin says:

    The most noticeable difference is now you cannot software unlock your iPhone 😛

  7. odin says:

    Oh and Apple now has the ability to decide when to remove life support if you are ever in a tragic accident. Forgot about that part…

  8. Michael M. says:

    Hello, thank you for those links, I have an unlocked iPhone (2G) and I live in Ecuador, and I also got this message when I connected my phone a few weeks ago to iTunes. I did NOT do the update however.

    The two local official carriers that sell the iPhone 3G are Porta and Movistar. So it seems this happens also outside the US.

  9. I might be mistaken, but wasn’t Apples deal with AT&T for just two years? So maybe this might have something to do with that since the two year mark is coming in June.

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