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Well, this isn’t creepy at all

Life and Times of Steve Jobs

I have a horrible feeling that none of us actually exist and we’re all just part of a bad LSD trip Steve Jobs took in the 70’s…  Read More

Why has Apple’s Training and Certification” page been down for nearly a week?

Apple's Training and Certification page down

Hey, have you checked out Apple’s Training and Certification page lately? Us neither. But apparently it has been down for awhile. Hmmm... define "soon" Faithful Macenstein reader Andrew asks: “Apple’s training & certification website is down, and it appears that it may have been down at least since July 20 according to Google’s cache of the... Read More

Stay Classy: Mike Tyson puts Osama’s death into perspective

Push notification from Mike Tyson’s Main Event. Via @jdharm  Read More

I guess it beats Lorem Ipsum

Pretty sure that won’t hold up in court… From the Verizon Mobile site, via the Super handsome @MarkGurman  Read More


Hey, are you an iPhone owner who LOVES his/her Crocs? Well, I have good news and bad news for you. The Good news is, you can now buy this Crocs-inspired iPhone case for just $3.24 with FREE SHIPPING! The bad news? If you buy this case you are now banned from reading Macenstein. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jonathan for the tip! via Gizmodiva  Read More

Latest iPad Parody video has more makeup than Snooki

Move over Nutty Professor II: The Klumps. In fact, keep moving until you get the hell out of my memory entirely. There’s a new latex-clad cross dresser in town, and his name ain’t Eddie Murphy. Actually, I don’t know what it is. I know it isn’t Martin Lawrence either, as he appears to be white. Although he DOES play an African American. And a woman…... Read More

WARNING! Keep those magnets away from that small area between your USB and Headphone port on your MacBook Air!

That’s right. No matter how tempting it is, apparently placing a magnet on the left side of a late 2010 MacBook Air, right between the USB port and the headphone jack, will cause the WiFi and screen to turn off. So far Apple has not provided a solution for users who need to store their magnets there, and Apple PR has not returned our calls on this important matter. via  Read More

Sears selling iWork for $39.99

Although it may not be the business “tool” you’re expecting. PC toolkit? OUCH! Oddly, they even out-Appled Apple with their logo by adding the “Apple reflection” which for some reason Apple didn’t even use on their version of iWork. Adding insult to injury, they are marketing it as a “PC Toolkit”. Thanks to faithful Macenstein... Read More

Four “WTF was Apple Thinking?” iTunes design decisions

Everyone loves iTunes – mainly because if you use an iPod, iPhone or iPad, you have no choice but to love it. But for a company as well known for their UI design as Apple is, there are still a couple “WTF were they thinking?” oversights that bug me on a daily basis as I sync my devices. Here are my top 4. 1. Seriously? You had to use Purple TWICE? Apple needed... Read More

New Fieldrunners update is AWESOME (Except that it sucks)

This Thursday a new free update to Fieldrunners arrived on my iPad (a paid version for the iPhone subsequently hit today) featuring multi-player and 3 new maps. As anyone who knows me knows, Fieldrunners is perhaps my all-time favorite iOS game, so I viewed this unexpected update as a true Christmas miracle. All three new maps are awesome, the new towers are awesome, the multi-payer... Read More


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