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Four “WTF was Apple Thinking?” iTunes design decisions

Everyone loves iTunes – mainly because if you use an iPod, iPhone or iPad, you have no choice but to love it. But for a company as well known for their UI design as Apple is, there are still a couple “WTF were they thinking?” oversights that bug me on a daily basis as I sync my devices. Here are my top 4. 1. Seriously? You had to use Purple TWICE? Apple needed to come up with 6 colors for various media types and couldn’t get past 5? Read More  Read More

New Fieldrunners update is AWESOME (Except that it sucks)

This Thursday a new free update to Fieldrunners arrived on my iPad (a paid version for the iPhone subsequently hit today) featuring multi-player and 3 new maps. As anyone who knows me knows, Fieldrunners is perhaps my all-time favorite iOS game, so I viewed this unexpected update as a true Christmas miracle. All three new maps are awesome, the new towers are awesome, the multi-payer is awesome – EVERYTHING about the update is awesome, except for one thing. It sucks. As... Read More

A vote for me is a vote for me not asking you to vote for me anymore

Hey guys. Thanks to you, I am now in FIRST PLACE in the iPhone contest, so thanks a lot! You guys rock! Click above to vote for me. However, as seemingly insurmountable as my lead looks, it is by NO MEANS a lock, so let’s not get lazy. My primary competition seems to be mounting a last-minute effort with 5 hours left to go, so I need your help. Please let everyone on the planet you have ever met know that the fate of the free world depends on me winning that iPhone. At... Read More

When you get so good at a game you love… that you hate it

As anyone who’s ever spent an extended period of time with me will attest, “familiarity breeds contempt”. And while I am used to this saying applying to human interactions, I never thought it would sum up my relationship with some of my favorite iPhone apps. Yet here I am with a score of 528 in Flight Control, and I practical dread playing it now. So, what’s turned me sour on what was at one point my favorite game? Well, quite frankly I’m just... Read More

Help Build the Ultimate iPhone Feature Request List – Part Deux

It was about 2 years ago that Apple first released the iPhone – widley heralded as the most technologically advanced phone anyone had ever seen, save for the fact that it was missing almost every “must have” feature that phones 5 years older had had forever. At the time we decided to create a wish list of things we all wanted our iPhones to be able to do, and over the years Apple has filled in most of the more glaring holes, like a better camera, MMS (sort of),... Read More

Holy appendix, Batman!

Faithful Macenstein reader Batman writes: “Hey! It is now June 18 and you still have stuff at the top of your site from the 14. WTF? Are you dead or what? Do something!!!!!” Yes, as many of you who follow my Twitter feed know, I had to have my appendix taken out, so it was NOT, I repeat, NOT the 2 three scoop sundaes I got at Friendly’s that were ripping my stomach apart earlier this week, and no, I did not get a virus (we all know people who use Macs do not... Read More

Media Temple sucks, Part 2

cartoon via PCWeenies Well, THAT sucked…. Our outage today was (for once) not directly related to Media Temple, other than we finally got so fed up with them that we moved the site to a new host. Unfortunately, things did not go all that smoothly (for some reason the database was merged with that of another site we have on Media Temple). We’re not sure why that happened, but in the end we are now about 50% sure we are now up and running. So let us know if you notice... Read More

Why does adding RAW support for 4 high-end digital cameras to iPhoto require a system restart?

I’m as big a fan of the RAW format as anyone (ok, actually I have never used the RAW format) but why does adding 4 camera’s RAW profiles to OS X require a system reboot? It just doesn’t seem right…  Read More

Where the F$#% is my 2.1 iPhone Update?!? [UPDATE: IT’S HERE!]

It’s 12:01 AM. What’s the frigging hold up here? No, it is NOT and you know it, iTunes! 6:20 AM: Damnit. 8:04 AM: C’mon Apple, I gotta get to work! 8:51 AM: Well, now I’m at work, so who gives a crap. 9:10 AM: It’s out  Read More

Where the #$%@ is the iPhone 2.0.1 firmware?!

In the first 13 months of owning an iPhone I restored my iPhone ONE time, and it was a voluntary act I performed to see if it would get rid of a little sluggish behavior (which it did). Since upgrading to the iPhone 2.0 firmware, however, I have had to restore my iPhone six times, in just 8 days. And this 6th iPhone restore really hurt. Yesterday I went on a trip into NYC with the family to see Miley Cyrus perform in Bryant Park (not exactly my idea of fun). The 4am trip involved... Read More


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