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Media Temple sucks, Part 2

cartoon via PCWeenies

Well, THAT sucked…. Our outage today was (for once) not directly related to Media Temple, other than we finally got so fed up with them that we moved the site to a new host. Unfortunately, things did not go all that smoothly (for some reason the database was merged with that of another site we have on Media Temple). We’re not sure why that happened, but in the end we are now about 50% sure we are now up and running. So let us know if you notice anything weirder than usual.

And death to Media Temple (well, at least until we find out our new host is just as bad and go crawling back to them).

12 Responses to “Media Temple sucks, Part 2”
  1. Goobi says:

    Tell me you moved to Mosso!

  2. Goobi says:

    Oh and I know I might be late in the game, but your new look sucks. It looks so plain and the graphics look like the work of a four year old (if you are one, then kudos!).


  3. Thanks Goobi!
    – The Doc

  4. Justin says:

    Kudos, I used to love those granola bars when I was 4 years old.

  5. Sam Howat says:

    Dude… Mosso is pretty sweet but their cloud servers are very limited for some of the typical features you’d expect… like you can’t make a proper sub domain… just a re-direct to another site.

    I tried switching to them but as soon as you try to do anything semi-advanced, you hit a wall. When they develop their cloud server program a bit more, I’ll be the first to jump onto that ship.

    Since they got bought out by rackspace, I think they’ve actually gotten a lot better. Their technological capabilities certainly seem to have gone up since they have MORE access to rackspace.

    I also agree, new skin sucks :-/

  6. Lucky says:

    Goobi was a little too direct, but he is right. In the interview you said you were a graphic designer. It doesn’t look like it.

    Still, it’s a much bigger step than the old BROWN one.

  7. roy says:

    hey doc might wanna try spaceing the our finest moment section out better

  8. Why is the Bharat Matrimony advertisement at the top of the site page and also on the top right and lower right column? That’s three advertisements for the same advertiser on the same page which is really bad web design. It’s bad enough that I’m considering using an ad blocker for this site which would be a first on any Mac related website. Doc, it would be better to keep such advertisements that are not related to Apple products/services/solutions on the lower part of the page on either the right or left column or even the bottom of the page that rotates advertisements in timed intervals (5 to 10 seconds) so as to not cause a stroke. Besides that I’m curious why you went with Bharat Matrimony instead of more popular sites such as Facebook or even Hot or Not? Both Facebook and Hot or Not cater to all cultures around the world and not just to one cultural descent.

  9. Joseph Rose says:

    I’ve been on MediaTemple since 2001 and I can’t say enough good things about them. The price is right, my sites rarely experience any downtime, and the features and support have always been surprisingly great. No complaints here.

  10. Goobi says:

    @Lucky I think the Doc can take direct criticism is why I mentioned it as a comment and not a private email. Unlike others, The Doc has got balls (metaphorically speaking, I wouldn’t know if Doc is a woman)

  11. I just moved off of MediaTemple to A Small Orange and talk about an instant speed increase. Once the nameservers took effect and I got my wp-config.php file uploaded (I was having some issues with a 66MB SQL file), my site was running perfectly. I just gotta set up Mint and that is it. ^_^;;

  12. Vladimir says:

    After 6 years with mt (yes, 6), here’s my farewell to one of their “resolved” posts:

    I am sorry, but this is simply not true. Or connecting 5 minutes to your mailserver is what you would call resolved? I know you will remove this message from here and contact me to offer some 6 months of free hosting, but don’t try it. Please. I was hosting my website on MT for I think 6 years, but it is time to close the deal.

    I was good customer, I paid all my bills, I referred some people to you and what I’ve got in return? An unreliable service with more troubles and issues than Soviet spaceship? No thanks. I need my emails to work, I need my website to work or otherwise it is a waste of money and you wasted a lot of my money.

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