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Pain like you’ve never felt

Since every current set or Apple earbuds I own now only works in one ear, I went rummaging through my collection of ancient Apple artifacts, and just under the tangerine clamshell iBook I found these, an extremely old pair of iPod ear buds. I don’t know what model iPod these came with, but it must have been from a time before human ear canals evolved into the shape we are... Read More

iPad 2 destroyed in slow motion (because everything looks better in slow motion)

Man, try to name ONE THING that doesn’t look cooler in super slow motion. Can’t do it? Didn’t think so. Even this horrifying video of an iPad 2 meeting its maker (figuratively speaking, of course. It doesn’t actually go back to China) looks hauntingly beautiful. Why slow motion? Because if he used his right hand, it would be over too quickly.  Read More

iMac Hit by 8.9 Magnitude Quake in Japan

The tragedy in Japan just keeps getting worse… Luckily it looks like the iMac’s owner got out safely. Our thoughts go out to our Japanese readers.  Read More

No Wonder Apple hates Java – New Java Trojan Attacks OS X

Oh snap! Time to panic and blow things out of proportion! Another OS X Trojan Horse is on the loose, and this time it’s personal. Personal, in this case, meaning it can get you where it hurts – FACEBOOK! According to SecureMac (which has more than a passing interest in security fear mongering…) SecureMac has discovered a new trojan horse in the wild that affects... Read More

Apple: No White iPhone for you!

 Read More

Man gives thieves the finger in iPad theft

OK, actually, he didn’t give it to them, they took it, along with his two iPads. Ouch.   (yeah, it’s Flash only, get over it). [via Engadget]  Read More

Have you humiliated me in “Words with Friends: yet? If so, tell the world!

Some people apparently thought I was being modest when I mentioned how badly I suck as  Read More

Detective Munch denies choking Apple Store employee

Richard Belzer‘s “Detective Munch” character holds the distinction of being the only fictional character (played by a single actor) to appear on eight different television shows, and it looks like that number could go up to 9, assuming you count Apple Store security footage. Earlier this week Belzer was accused by NY Apple Store employee Milan Agnew of assault... Read More

Israel hates Jennifer Garner

How else can you explain Israeli airport security firing three shots into the MacBook of Lily Sussman, which just happened to be sporting an Elektra Stamp? (2005’s Elektra of course being the 3rd worst Marvel comic movie of all time, and starring Jennifer Garner in the title role). Above: Elektra proved as hard to kill as the Elektra movie was to watch. In the airport... Read More

iPhone + 100 mph + pavement = ?

Apple’s iPhone “Tech Specs” page posts tons of useful information about the iPhone designed to keep users from inadvertently damaging their devices – such as optimal operating temperatures, optimal altitude, humidity, etc. But two glaring omissions on the page are the “optimal velocity” and “optimal amount of tonnage” the iPhone can handle.... Read More


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