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PowerBook takes a “Major League” hit

I’m the furthest thing you’ll find from a baseball fan, so the idea of being a photographer sent to cover all the “action” of a Pittsburgh Pirates game is scary enough, but check out the carnage that befalls this poor man’s PowerBook during an 8th inning foul ball. (Be sure to check out the chick with the iPhone at the end – priceless). More pics... Read More

When it comes to making iPhone apps, if you snooze, you lose

Last October I had what I thought was a killer idea for an iPhone app. I know, I know, who hasn’t? But this was (I thought) a better idea than another Suduko puzzle or restaurant tip calculator, it was actually a fairly unique idea. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am an animator, and while I can muddle my way through basic PHP and Flash’s Actionscript, and write some... Read More

I don’t know, call me skeptical, but…

Hopefully there’s a follow up book on how to WASH that money… Author Dottie Randazzo’s new book How to Shit Money to Get an iPhone sounds interesting enough, however, I would imagine that depending on whether or not you are a current, under-contract AT&T customer, you might have to shit obscenely unhealthy amounts of money to get that iPhone. Hopefully there’s... Read More

Pay up, or the iPhone gets it!

Hmm… I guess they didn’t pay up. And good for them! If we negotiate with the terrorists, then they win. Here’s to the memory of the bravest little iPhone ever. You took it like a man – no whimpering, not pleading or blubbering. I’d like to see a Palm Pre show HALF as much courage. Long will you live in our hearts.  Read More

Holy appendix, Batman!

Faithful Macenstein reader Batman writes: “Hey! It is now June 18 and you still have stuff at the top of your site from the 14. WTF? Are you dead or what? Do something!!!!!” Yes, as many of you who follow my Twitter feed know, I had to have my appendix taken out, so it was NOT, I repeat, NOT the 2 three scoop sundaes I got at Friendly’s that were ripping my stomach... Read More


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