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Steve Jobs worshiped as a God in India

Remember Steve Jobs’ infamous 1976-ish trip to India, during which he became a Buddhist? Well, looks like he left just a big impression on India as India did on him. Check out these photos sent in by faithful Macenstein reader Amit who found a very interesting sculpture while shopping in Mahabalipuram, in the south of India.  Read More

Steve not returning your e-mails? Ask El Jobso!

With the recent flurry of short and sweet e-mail responses from everyone’s favorite Apple CEO, odds are Steve’s inbox is now flooded with inane questions of all sorts, thus severely limiting your chances of getting a reply. In fact, believe it or not, even my recent e-mail to Steve went unanswered. But luckily for all of us, there is now El Jobso, a virtual Steve that will answer all your questions instantly, and it’s about as verbose as the real deal. Here... Read More

PowerBook takes a “Major League” hit

I’m the furthest thing you’ll find from a baseball fan, so the idea of being a photographer sent to cover all the “action” of a Pittsburgh Pirates game is scary enough, but check out the carnage that befalls this poor man’s PowerBook during an 8th inning foul ball. (Be sure to check out the chick with the iPhone at the end – priceless). More pics after the jump. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…! Read More  Read More


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