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Detective Munch denies choking Apple Store employee

Richard Belzer‘s “Detective Munch” character holds the distinction of being the only fictional character (played by a single actor) to appear on eight different television shows, and it looks like that number could go up to 9, assuming you count Apple Store security footage.

Earlier this week Belzer was accused by NY Apple Store employee Milan Agnew of assault when he put his hands on her shoulders and asked for help while waiting in line at the Apple Store’s “Genius Bar”. While I am not a big fan of strangers touching me (at least not 65 year-old male strangers) it appears to have been a gross over reaction on the part of Agnew, and after reviewing the Apple Store surveillance tapes, the NYPD agreed and no formal charges have been filed. Belzer describes the incident to HLN’s Joy Behar in the clip below. (I apologize in advance both for Joy Behar’s voice and Richard Belzer’s ears).

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Dan for the tip!

4 Responses to “Detective Munch denies choking Apple Store employee”
  1. Jonro says:

    It almost sounds like an Apple Store ad, except for the part where the loyal customer gets accused of choking the psychotic employee.

  2. Richard says:

    Waiting for ‘Apple’ music remix of clip to hit youtube in 3…..2…..1…..

  3. darrell says:

    talk about your no-story stories…

  4. Chris says:

    Hey Richard,

    There’s little need to wait at the genius bar when you can get help at lots of Mac web sites.

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