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Israel hates Jennifer Garner

How else can you explain Israeli airport security firing three shots into the MacBook of Lily Sussman, which just happened to be sporting an Elektra Stamp? (2005’s Elektra of course being the 3rd worst Marvel comic movie of all time, and starring Jennifer Garner in the title role).

Above: Elektra proved as hard to kill as the Elektra movie was to watch.

In the airport security’s defense, technically it WAS a bomb…
(can I get a rimshot?!)

If I were Jenn, I would steer clear of the entire Middle East until anger over the movie subside, and make it very clear that she does not plan to ever star in a sequel.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Sam for the link!

Real story via Lilysussman’s Blog via Gizmodo]

5 Responses to “Israel hates Jennifer Garner”
  1. darrell says:

    yeesh! thankfully the HDD wasn’t hit – according to her blog she was able to recover her work

  2. nexfraxinus says:

    Why in hell would someone be so stupid as to actually shoot a bomb!?!?!? ô.Ô

  3. ronny says:

    i think it was a little double entendre – the movie bombed.
    “2005’s Elektra of course being the 3rd worst Marvel comic movie of all time…”

  4. Violets Auntie says:

    Well, that is a bit of illogical connectiveness. It wasn’t J Garner herself, but the comic heroine. So, why the odd headline?

  5. Rick says:

    Lily gave an interview about the incident. Check it out.

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