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iPhone + 100 mph + pavement = ?

Apple’s iPhone “Tech Specs” page posts tons of useful information about the iPhone designed to keep users from inadvertently damaging their devices – such as optimal operating temperatures, optimal altitude, humidity, etc. But two glaring omissions on the page are the “optimal velocity” and “optimal amount of tonnage” the iPhone can handle.

“Hey there Doc,
I’m a long time Macenstein reader and instantly thought of sending this to you when it all happened. My friend Dane and I (Phil) work UPS night shift and also live a couple blocks from one another. So after leaving work, he flies ahead on his CBR600. At some point on my venture home, i drove through a flurry of what appeared to be small papers. As i entered my home town, i see my friend on the side of the road yelling at me to turn around. I asked him what was up and he said that he lost his wallet and iphone 3g. It then hit me that the flurry of papers was the massive receipt collection in his wallet. Off we go back to the scene of the crime. We ended up finding his wallet, pieces of what used to be whole debit and credit cards, and …………. the iphone.

iphone traffic accident

It did have an Incase Hard Case on it, but when i found it, it was face down with out its case. I found the case about 10 feet from the iphone also in pieces. The back of the iphone clearly shows it had been run over at least once, i assume the case went to pieces as it fell out of his pocket. So just spent the last couple hours of my morning scouring route 119 in pa, literally picking up the pieces of my friends life.
– Phil”

iphone traffic accident

I think Dane has a case here. Apple clearly was negligent in not outlining the harmful effects of high-impact collisions on the iPhone, and there was really no way Dane could have known. I suspect Apple PR will be sending Dane a new iPhone any day now in hope of making this whole thing “disappear”.

9 Responses to “iPhone + 100 mph + pavement = ?”
  1. Dave says:

    No really, Good Luck with that!

  2. Matt Davis says:

    does (would?) the phone still work without the glass on? like would it work if he directly touched the screen as opposed to touching the glass covering it? hmmm…

  3. thisisjohnny says:

    guys from western pa working night shifts at ups. iphones don’t handle falls well.

    what exactly is the news here?

  4. Savas says:

    It wouldn’t work as the digitizer (piece of smashed glass) is buggered. The digitizer is what picks up the finger touching the screen and translates it as well as having a top glass protection layer…

  5. vincent Vasquez says:

    ? so apple is supposed to include in the user manual that if your in a 100MPH collision the iphone will not survive? I am a little unclear on what happened here… he flew off his bike at 100MPH ?

    after going back and reading.. So the iphone is supposed to be able to survive cars driving over it? (unsure if it was even cars or UPS shipping carriers…) I think his case is not going to go very far. I feel for the guy; but how did he manage to lose his phone and wallet while riding? Was he on the phone and going 100MPH? Theres a lot of factors involved there… But I wish him the best of luck with the next one.

  6. Imagine Engine says:

    Comments from the article that made me ROFL were “Off we go back to the scene of the crime” instead of “off we go back to the scene of the accident” and the other “Apple clearly was negligent in not outlining the harmful effects of high-impact collisions on the iPhone”. Obviously when the author said “he flies ahead on his CBR600” it’s just another way of saying “my friend was speeding”. Anyway even if it was deemed an accident it still falls under the warranty clause all manufacturers have in where it states user damage voids the warranty. It’s a good example of cause and effect whereby if one speeds they take the chance of wiping out and damaging not only their vehicle but also themselves and others.

  7. Philip Holbrook says:

    Just to let everyone know who asked, no the iphone was completely unresponsive. After trying to plug it in, hoping it would just come to life a bit for a good laugh but nothing at all. I removed the one bottom screw that was still holding it together and out fell two of the microchips from the motherboard. So it was definitely a dead iphone, only upside is now we have a spare battery! lol

  8. slappy says:

    Wow, it still looks better than a Zune! 😉

  9. stephanie says:

    I bet he can still sell it on eBay though!

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