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Enter to WIN: A set of Audioengine A2 speakers!

Thank you, we have a winner. This contest is closed. Congrats to faithful Macenstein reader Jason! Just the speakers. 2008 iMac not included. Who like’s winning $200 speakers? Anyone? No? OK, I guess I’ll just have to keep these sweet Audioengine A2’s. It’s a shame, really, because I already have a pair, and they rock. Perhaps you remember my awesome YouTube video (below) of how their deceivingly powerful bass could blow down TWO of the Three Little (Canadian)... Read More

iMac Hit by 8.9 Magnitude Quake in Japan

The tragedy in Japan just keeps getting worse… Luckily it looks like the iMac’s owner got out safely. Our thoughts go out to our Japanese readers.  Read More

Behold! The iMac tablet computer that never was, courtesy of Rusty

Remember all those rumors a couple years ago about Apple working on an iMac where you could remove the screen and use it as a tablet, then come home at night and dock it? Well, apparently faithful Macenstein reader Rusty does. Check out his extremely sweet iPad/iMac lovechild. The 40 gig hard drive took a dive, and there was no way I would find a cheap replacement. And the 700 MHz PPC was not going to run hulu, youtube, or facebook. The innards are in a grocery bag in... Read More

Meet Frank

Above: “Frank” even has two giant bolts sticking out of his head, just like the real thing! Faithful Macenstein reader Julian writes: Hi Doc! A few months ago, my brother came to me and asked for a computer which can run some games, runs Mac Os X, looks cool, and costs below 500€ (including monitor, keyboard and all), because he spends most of his money on amps and guitars. So we had almost no options. A real Mac was way to expensive, and just buying a cheap computer... Read More

That’s a lovely iMac… FOR ME TO POOP ON!

 Read More

LEGO My iMac!

If there’s one thing I love more than Apple gear, it’s LEGOs. Well, OK, there’s nothing I love more than Apple gear, but LEGOs are a close second. Maybe third, after chocolate. That’s why I particularly love this LEGO G4 iMac made by Bjarne Tveskov out of a 7-inch digital picture frame. “There is no Apple hardware inside (for now),” writes Bjarne, “but the screen can display videos, images and TV (there’s a digital TV tuner built... Read More

Review: Focal XS 2.1-Channel Multimedia + iPod System

Guess what? Your current iPod speakers suck. No, I don’t need to know what you’re using, because I know what you’re NOT using, and that’s the problem. What you should be using are the Focal XS speaker (that is, assuming you have $600 burning a hole in your pocket). “$600 for iPod speakers!” you say? Yup. Focal, makers of high end studio speakers are breaking into the high-end iPod/computer speaker market with the very nice Focal XS, and for... Read More

The iMac Shuffle

Introducing the new iMac shuffle. It’s the desktop that had everything. Now, there’s less. We’ve taken out that pesky glass screen and carved the entire computer out of aluminum, for extra sturdiness. Why no screen? Well, we wanted to make the iMac shuffle even more lightweight than its predecessors, and make sure that there was nothing to distract you from the Apple logo. For inspiration, we looked to our newest, most brilliant product… the new iPod... Read More

DIY iMac

When faithful Macenstein reader Joven wanted to buy a new iMac but found himself coming up short on funds, he did what any good Mac Geek would do – he built his own! Joven already had an LCD monitor he was happy with, but loves the “Where’s the computer” design of the iMac. So he purchased a Mac mini, drew up some brackets in SketchUp, and headed to the garage for some good old fashioned aluminum bending! “You can bend aluminum strips by hand.... Read More

Behold the Lanix AIO22 – Mexico’s 22,644 Peso Black iMac clone

Looks like those of you jonesing for a black iMac are in luck, assuming you don’t mind it really being a PC and having to take a trip down Mexico way… Faithful Mexican Macenstein reader Christian writes: Doc This is a scan of a brochure that telmex (phone land carrier and owner of telcel) send me in order to convince to buy a clone of my iMac. the brand is Lanix model AIO22, it is a totally black iMac and it costs 36 pays of 629 pesos (13 pesos per dollar do the... Read More


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