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Everyone hates Core #6

8 Cores as a metaphor for life We’ve all met people like core #6 before… the one over-achieving douche who feels the need to make the rest of us feel like worthless pieces of crap with his awesomeness. You’ll find him at school, on the field, and in the workplace. And while I currently feel like core #8 – maybe a core #1, TOPS – there was a time when I too was a core #6. Right after high school I took a job at a local microfilming company. My coworkers... Read More

Enter to WIN: A set of Audioengine A2 speakers!

Thank you, we have a winner. This contest is closed. Congrats to faithful Macenstein reader Jason! Just the speakers. 2008 iMac not included. Who like’s winning $200 speakers? Anyone? No? OK, I guess I’ll just have to keep these sweet Audioengine A2’s. It’s a shame, really, because I already have a pair, and they rock. Perhaps you remember my awesome YouTube video (below) of how their deceivingly powerful bass could blow down TWO of the Three Little (Canadian)... Read More

Irrefutable proof that the Mac Pro is overdue for a makeover

The Mac Pro’s design has remained virtually unchanged since its PowerMac G5 days, and while Apple has thus far been able to successfully ignore my daily pleas for a redesign, I think even they may now have to admit the design is a bit long in the tooth. After all, once Dell copies you, it pretty much sucks the cool out of the room. Kind of like when even the nerdiest kid in school had a Swatch. (Who’s with me? The Swatch) Check out Dell’s new Studio XPS 435... Read More

Looks like Apple failed French

According our good friend Chris over at the French Mac site macgeneration, Apple’s MacBook announcements were riddled with quite a few spelling/grammatical errors, the most notable being this one. Apparently “parfaitement con” translates to “perfect idiot” in French. Whoops! The page has since been changed to read “parfaitement conçu”, or “perfectly designed”. Errors were also found on the Displays and MacBook Pro pages... Read More

Macs don’t cause cancer… PEOPLE with Macs cause cancer!

Valleywag reports on the findings of a French publication called The Liberation of France which claims that Mac Pros emit leukemia-causing agents (such as Benzene) into the air when used. Multiple reports coming out of the Apple support forums mention strong toxic odors believed to be caused by “a protective resin coating on the RAM PCB’s and/or RAM riser card PCB’s and should diminish over time as it burns away.” So not only does Apple make you pay more... Read More

“Hey! LEGO my Mac Pro!”

On a scale of “1 to Awesome” this LEGO Mac Pro rates a solid Awesome. Not only is it a faithful scale model replica of a real Mac Pro (designed using Lego Digital Designer 2.0), the thing actually houses both a Hackintosh PC running OS X AND a Mac mini. Awww… they totally wussed out on the monitor… That’s impressive enough to rate this rig a 9, but where it achieves true “Awesome” status is that it has a mini LEGO Steve perched on... Read More

Mac Pro Vader has returned – looks a little beat

Last Labor Day we noticed the appearance of MacPro Vader at Atlanta’s DragonCon, and were both impressed and terrified by his amazing outfit constructed from a Mac Pro box. Well, apparently MPV lives down there in Atlanta, because who do you think we ran into yet again this weekend? Yup, it’s Mac Pro Vader, looking a little worse for wear, but not too bad considering the damaging effects using the Dark Side of the Force has on a body.  Read More

Hide your Xbox 360’s shame with Lian Li’s Mac Pro rip-off case

Odds are if Apple ever decided to resurrect the Pippin and it would look more like the Apple TV or a Wii than a Mac Pro, but still, for hard core Mac gamers who are desperately trying to forget they enjoy playing games on a Microsoft console, case maker Lian Li has the answer. Their XB01 case for the Xbox is more than a little reminiscent of the long-in-the-tooth-styling of the Mac Pro and the G5 tower before it, and may be just the thing to help camouflage the Xbox 360’s... Read More

Review: DecoCases’ Alu-Magnesium Protection Case for MacBook is “heavy” on protection

Not too many people buy a MacBook thinking it will be as scratch and shock-resistant as a Panasonic ToughBook, but usually after a couple of days (and the first couple of scratches) many MacBook owners begin looking around the web for a laptop case of some sort. DecoCases’ Alu-Magnesium Protection Case for MacBook/MacBook Pro aims to offer the ultimate in laptop protection by more or less turning your MacBook into a ToughBook (well, on the outside at least). Let’s... Read More

Apple swapping out defective x1900 XT cards for (some) Mac Pro owners

And this is why I love Apple… A while back I lamented how ever since upgrading to Leopard, my Mac Pro had been exhibiting some odd graphical glitches, mainly in the form of odd lines that would run across various windows in the Finder and apps. I eventually found that the problem was somewhat widespread, at least for owners of the quad-core Mac Pro model I ordered, and who, like me, had splurged for the $350 ATi x1900 XT card. Above: That ain’t right… Click... Read More


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