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Enter to WIN: A set of Audioengine A2 speakers!

Thank you, we have a winner. This contest is closed. Congrats to faithful Macenstein reader Jason! Just the speakers. 2008 iMac not included. Who like’s winning $200 speakers? Anyone? No? OK, I guess I’ll just have to keep these sweet Audioengine A2’s. It’s a shame, really, because I already have a pair, and they rock. Perhaps you remember my awesome YouTube video (below) of how their deceivingly powerful bass could blow down TWO of the Three Little (Canadian)... Read More

If K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider were a Windows-hating Ford Focus with a Mac mini for a brain

I’m not sure if they will solve as many ridiculously unimportant, driving-related crimes as Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. did on the original 1980’s Knight Rider series (I mean, how many corrupt racing competitions can you bust up?), but faithful Swedish Macenstein reader Sascha and his Mac mini-powered Ford Focus, or F.O.X. (Focus ‘0 siX) will certainly be able to launch iTunes while trying. F.O.X doesn’t do windows. That’s right. Thanks to the power... Read More

Worse than being sent to the Spice Mines of Kessel

Oh, the humanity! Such a fate should not befall any droid, let alone a Mac mini. Above: You should see their bidet Well, on the plus side, at least using the Mac mini as a toilet paper dispenser ensures that the toilet paper is delivered in the proper, “overhand” method, instead of that ridiculous “underhand” style that some lower functioning people sometimes use. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Vonspace for the tip! [via Macity]  Read More

What the hell is Best Buy selling?

What is this monstrosity? Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Bryon for the tip!  Read More

Apple apparently moving to “All Yellow” packaging

So, what is the deal with spy photos and white balance? If this yellowish spy shot (sent in to Mac Rumors) is legit, it could mean we’ll be seeing a new Mac mini soon, possibly as early as tomorrow. Hmm… that box doesn’t look big enough to have a keyboard and mouse… I guess people like me who bought the first mini only encouraged Apple’s ridiculous BYOKD&M mentality. Well, if this is indeed the mini’s new box, I’m glad to see... Read More

DIY iMac

When faithful Macenstein reader Joven wanted to buy a new iMac but found himself coming up short on funds, he did what any good Mac Geek would do – he built his own! Joven already had an LCD monitor he was happy with, but loves the “Where’s the computer” design of the iMac. So he purchased a Mac mini, drew up some brackets in SketchUp, and headed to the garage for some good old fashioned aluminum bending! “You can bend aluminum strips by hand.... Read More

OK… how about THIS one…

[UPDATE: OK we have confirmed this one as fake, but we’re leaving it up for discussion’s sake. The other one with the weird vent hat thing still has potential.] Another day, another Mac mini “leak”. I’m not sure why we’re getting all these, but I find them interesting, so here you go. Click to embiggen. I’d love to believe this one is real, but it looks like someone took all the criticisms of the last Mac mini post and created a new,... Read More

Apple sold at least 5 Apple TVs last year

Well, good news for AAPL stock holders – it looks like Apple sold at least FIVE Apple TVs last year. That’s right, these guys are streaming music and video from one poor little Mac mini to FIVE Apple TVs simultaneously. That’s pretty impressive, if not from a technological standpoint, then surely just for the sheer amount of Apple gadgetry in that house. Well, now we know which dorm to rob this winter break! Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Josh for... Read More

The Mac mini is the “Nelson Muntz” of the Apple product line

Anyone looking for further evidence of Apple’s rampant neglect of the Mac mini (aside from, you know, the obvious signs like the whole “431 days since an update” thing) need look no further than the Mac mini’s product page. Oh sure, the web guys tried to freshen it up with a new keyboard and headphones, but check out that 5th gen iPod! If the mini were a Simpsons character it would be living in a shack with an chain-smoking alcoholic mother and wearing... Read More

What? No mouse? Slacker…

Check out this awesome pics sent in to Steampunk by the amazingly talented (and apparently amazingly pussy-whipped) Dave Veloz. That’s right, that is a Mac mini, all decked out in 1800’s finery, and served up to Dave’s new bride as a wedding gift. Not sure where the coal-powered mouse is, but I assume one is in the works. [via Gizmodo]  Read More


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