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Apple sold at least 5 Apple TVs last year

Well, good news for AAPL stock holders – it looks like Apple sold at least FIVE Apple TVs last year.

That’s right, these guys are streaming music and video from one poor little Mac mini to FIVE Apple TVs simultaneously. That’s pretty impressive, if not from a technological standpoint, then surely just for the sheer amount of Apple gadgetry in that house. Well, now we know which dorm to rob this winter break!

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Josh for the tip!

4 Responses to “Apple sold at least 5 Apple TVs last year”
  1. Rick Andrade says:

    Funny, I just received my refurbed A TV last night from the FedEx guy… (Merry Christmas to me… Hey, bought a Mac Book for my mom for Christmas… don’t I deserve it?) … and it Rocks. Have my Mini connected to my Panasonic 42 inch plasma TV in the Den… and I wanted to stream my libary to my small 15 inch wall-mounted HD TV in my bedroom. Works like a champ! I don’t have the need to stream to 5 A TVs… but let me tell you… the A TV is a neat device… and it does not disappoint. I do wonder though, are the files fetched from the Mini… and saved on each A TV’s hard drive (which would mean that this is no big deal) or are the files actually being streamed? It seems to me, that with the A TV’s progress bar, that they might be transferred… versus being streamed. Anybody know for sure?

  2. Jim says:

    I just purchased my second one, a 160 GB unit, a couple of weeks ago. I think they rock.

  3. Jeff says:

    I’ve had an Apple TV since they came out and I love it. We rent all movies on it. I watch most TV shows recorded with Eye TV or bought. All my music is available to play through my audio system, and all our family photos/movies are available to watch, and I watch 3 podcast every day.

  4. Matt says:

    I love my Apple TV too. Putting Boxee/XBMC on it takes it from a good device to a great device.

    @Rick – if you are syncing it with iTunes then some of your media is copied to it. It will certainly stream your content. What you are most likely seeing with the status bar is what is referred to as buffering. A certain amount of video needs to be put into memory first (buffer) so the video streaming doesn’t stop and start.

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