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4 Reasons Why an Apple-Branded Tivo/DVR Would Probably Suck

Yesterday’s rumor du jour was that Apple will be partnering with Tivo for an upcoming update to the Apple TV which will finally bring DVR capabilities to Apple’s “hobby”. Given that I am in the market for a new DVR, on the surface this would be welcome news for me, as an Apple=branded DVR would likely fit in perfectly with my Mac-Centric entertainment system. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that an Apple-branded DVR would likely... Read More

Apple announces it still makes Xserves

Apple today announced that not only do they still make Xserves, but they actually updated them. According to Apple, the new Xseres “deliver up to twice the performance of the previous system,” and feature Intel’s new “Nehalem” Xeon processors and a next generation system architecture, giving the ew Xserves up to an 89 percent improvement in performance per watt over the previous model, which they were still apparently selling. Above: Introducing... Read More

Doug returns!

[Disclaimer: Doug has never been right about anything.] Hey everyone, look! Doug has returned, and he has a new rumor for us! This time it’s about the Apple TV. Looks like the Apple TV might not be getting a redesign so much as losing the hardware aspect entirely. (At least according to Doug). Hey Doc, Here’s something I heard through the grapevine. Apple is investigating the possibility of releasing the Apple TV OS as a separate box purchase. In other words, take... Read More

Apple sold at least 5 Apple TVs last year

Well, good news for AAPL stock holders – it looks like Apple sold at least FIVE Apple TVs last year. That’s right, these guys are streaming music and video from one poor little Mac mini to FIVE Apple TVs simultaneously. That’s pretty impressive, if not from a technological standpoint, then surely just for the sheer amount of Apple gadgetry in that house. Well, now we know which dorm to rob this winter break! Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Josh for... Read More

Exclusive: Behind the scenes photos from a very Apple-centric “French Maids TV” shoot

Fans of the highly educational “French Maid” series of how-to videos are well aware that the girls like their Apple gear, but this shoot in particular, entitled “How To Share Private Videos” features a huge assortment of Apple gear, even for them. French Maid TV was nice enough to grant Macenstein exclusive “behind the scenes” photos from the shoot, and being huge fans of feather dusters and pillow fights, we couldn’t be more thrilled! So,... Read More

Keep up on iTunes 99¢ rentals with

Are you having trouble keeping up with all ONE of the weekly 99¢ iTunes movie rentals Apple releases each week? Well, the site has got you covered. Created by faithful Macenstein reader Damien Huze, 99rental showcases the latest 99¢ iTunes rental each week, and provides the movie’s description and iTunes store link. It is actually more useful than it sounds, as you can subscribe to the rss feed or elect to receive e-mail notification of new releases.... Read More

HandBrake 0.9.2: Released

In their eternal quest to avoid a version 1.0 release, the folks over at HandBrake have just announced the release of HandBrake 0.9.2. There are a slew of enhancements, most notably Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC3) sound in MP4 files, and the addition of native iPhone sizes. Please note this update is LEOPARD ONLY, folks, so you manually have found your excuse to upgrade. Download version 0.9.2 here.  Read More

Behold the new Apple TV “Take 2” Intro Movie

For those without Apple TV’s but who must see everything related to Apple, here’s the revamped Apple TV “Take 2” intro movie. (iPhone users click here to watch the video) Unfortunately this video is pretty much the best thing about the update, but I’ll get to that later. Enjoy.  Read More

Apple delays Apple TV “Take 2” software

Apple’s “MacBook Air Now Shipping” announcement had a bit of bad news hidden insde. “CUPERTINO, California—January 30, 2008—Apple® today announced that MacBook Airâ„¢, the world’s thinnest notebook, is now shipping. MacBook Air measures an unprecedented 0.16-inches at its thinnest point, while its maximum height of 0.76-inches is less than the thinnest point on competing notebooks. Apple also announced that the new Apple TV®... Read More

MWSF: The biggest surprise? Randy Newman is still alive!

Well, looks like the MacBook Air rumors proved true, and we’re going to have to get used to the name after all. Apple today released a few new updates to existing products (Airport, iTunes, and iPhone) but the big news was the much rumored MacBook Air. Apple bills the MacBook Air as “the world’s thinnest notebook”, and from the pictures, who could argue? “How did we fit a Mac in here?” wondered Steve during his Keynote speech. Well, they... Read More


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