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Doug returns!

[Disclaimer: Doug has never been right about anything.]

Hey everyone, look! Doug has returned, and he has a new rumor for us! This time it’s about the Apple TV. Looks like the Apple TV might not be getting a redesign so much as losing the hardware aspect entirely. (At least according to Doug).

Apple TV box

Hey Doc,

Here’s something I heard through the grapevine. Apple is investigating the possibility of releasing the Apple TV OS as a separate box purchase. In other words, take an old iMac or Mini thats just laying around, install the Apple TV OS on it, and boom, you have an Apple TV.

Sell it for $79 and it probably has more profit margin than the Apple TV itself. And then those users are buying iTunes content.

Also prepare for the Apple TV to be opened up to a special gaming section of the App Store, where multiplayers can use their iPhones and ipod Touches as controllers.

That’s all I got.

Have a Happy New Year!

Like all of Doug’s scoops, this is another “Apple is investigating the possibility” of something, so when it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean Doug was wrong, it just means Apple changed their mind – yet on some levels, it doesn’t sound all that ridiculous either. However, I just don’t see Apple releasing what would in effect be a new, “Home Media Center” version of OS X and expecting people to install it on random hardware configurations. While many of us likely could do so, I think the average consumer would still like to buy a neat little box that does what it is supposed to. The iPhones as controllers is a cool idea though…

9 Responses to “Doug returns!”
  1. Tom Foolery says:

    This sounds very realistic and is exactly what i was hoping for. think about the mac mini is the perfect computer for and HTPC.

    making the mac mini HTPC capable would be the logical next step. especially with the ever improving media center. however the one problem with his theory is that apple has a funny little thing called front row. and apple is not the type of company to put out 2 different apps out that accomplish the same task (In software at least)

  2. Doug says:

    Man. Harsh. But one day I shall be vindicated, and then you will rue the day you mocked me! Go on! Start rueing!

    Also Front Row = Apple TV is WRONG! Apple TV is a whole operating system, Front Row is an application requiring the full OS X system software, and its purpose is to play stuff already on your computer. Apple TV is integrated with the iTunes Store, and its purpose is to sell you stuff. Duh.

  3. Tice says:

    I like the idea unless I wouldn’t buy an Apple TV anyway because I watch my DVDs straight on my PowerBook.

  4. odin says:

    I basically already did this with an old G4, just without a sweet integration. I ended up using a Griffin Air Click for a remote and ran a Media Center program. I would probably buy a $79 piece of software that had the good ole Apple polish to it though. I would not buy an Apple TV as they are a bit expensive for my taste.

  5. Robert says:

    It whould be even better if they maid it in to an app. It’s simpler for peopel to install than an os. You could have it to autostart. They could give it away for free. And maybe it could run on Windows to.

  6. Jason says:

    Well the problem is you can buy the same content from itunes and play it on your computor so what is the point of paying 78 to have buying and watching content look nicer. Just curious

  7. philip says:

    The Apple TV OS just seems to be Tiger + closer integration with the iTunes store. Selling software which looks to the past (using an older computer one has lying around) isn’t Apple’s style. I can see Apple upgrading the Mini and perhaps having some combination product. The Apple TV as is is pretty neat, even though I prefer the Mini. Whatever they do recording (PVR) won’t be in the cards and Blu-Ray just seems to run counter to Apple’s digital approach.


  8. Matt says:

    I’ll guess this isn’t going to happen. The only advantage is you can purchase content directly with the Apple TV. Why not just add this functionality to FrontRow. Then you would entice more people to buy a Mini…assuming the new Mini has better graphics and an HDMI out. I have an AppleTV and the only reason I bought one is because Boxee can run on it and I got a good deal on eBay.

  9. WFT says:

    @Robert Why Windows?

    Lol in a box

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