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How To: Add a bunch of useless stuff to your desktop with GeekTool, Yahoo Widgets, and more!

I’ve recently gotten into playing around with GeekTool, an add-on System Preference Pane that allows you to add a wide range of both useful and useless things to your desktop, not only to make your life easier, but to make other geeks feel inferior. Sure, you can display the current date and time in the menu bar like a noob, but why not have a GIANT clock right in the middle... Read More

The Time Capsule Jewelry Box: Hide your valuable jewelry inside your valuable electronics

Aside from the whole “engagement/wedding ring” thing, I think I have not bought the Bride of Macenstein any jewelry in the 70 or so years we’ve been married. Yes, she’s a lucky woman. But despite her lack of baubles, I’m sure if she DID have any nice jewelry (or valuables of any kind), she would appreciate this velvet-lined Time Capsule jewelry... Read More

Can you say, “Chick Magnet”?

As if the simple act of owning an Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Royale wasn’t enough to ensure you a healthy supply of hot and cold running chicks, imagine pulling up the Sorority House of your choosing in said Olds using nothing but your iPhone to control that sweet ride! Above: Nice touch smashing the Dell boxes. The hack looks simple enough, and I’d guess it shouldn’t... Read More

Meet Frank

Above: “Frank” even has two giant bolts sticking out of his head, just like the real thing! Faithful Macenstein reader Julian writes: Hi Doc! A few months ago, my brother came to me and asked for a computer which can run some games, runs Mac Os X, looks cool, and costs below 500€ (including monitor, keyboard and all), because he spends most of his money on amps and... Read More

How to: Create Custom Mask Effects For Photo Booth

Like most kids their age, faithful Macenstein readers Len and Jordan were messing around with Quartz Composer’s input parameters and Photo Booth last Friday night, and they figured out a relatively easy way to create your own Photo Booth masks. And by relatively easy, I mean even I could follow the instructions. So, If you’ve ever wanted to put your face on Steve... Read More

Jailbreaking provides MASSIVE increase in iPhone battery life

Just one more benefit to Jailbreaking the iPhone. Check out this incredibly messed up battery charge sensor amazing increase in battery life one lucky jailbreaker is experiencing on his iPhone! If that’s LOW battery, odds are this dude’s iPhone can now power Connecticut, or at least Rhode Island. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Rich for the link! [via imageshack]  Read More

Rickrolling iPhone Jailbreakers

Jailbreaking sometimes has a charming, Forrest Gump-like “You never know what you’re gonna get” kind of vibe going on when installing apps. Will it indeed be sexy girls? A virus? Rick Astley? That’s probably the best thing about jailbreaking – you never know! Hmmm… sounds like the Mrs. is not a Rick Astley fan… Well, I don’t really... Read More

When restoring (UN-jailbreaking) doesn’t restore everything

As much as I loved having a jailbroken iPhone, I decided to UN-jailbreak my phone in anticipation of the new 3.0 software update. I also had been experiencing some increasingly frequent crashes to the springboard, as well as what I perceived to be a general slowness to the phone, and figured maybe a factory restore would set things right. In order to undo the Jailbreak, I figured... Read More

The “Mighty Dead” mouse

Apple hasn’t updated the Mighty Mouse in quite some time, but those of you dying for a refresh can make your own out of things you probably have in your own home! All you need is and old (still functioning) USB mouse, and an old (NOT functioning) real one! That’s right, assuming you are a fan of taxidermy, Instructables.com has a tutorial on how you can turn that... Read More

Sonic the Hedgehog for iPhone isn’t a game, it’s a Genesis emulator

Sega’s recently released Sonic the Hedgehog for iPhone has received well-deserved accolades for bringing an amazing faithful port of the 1991 Sega Genesis classic to the iPhone platform, yet at the same time, it has also received almost as much criticism for its slow frame rates and performance issues. Well, the guys over at AllTechRelated may have discovered the reason.... Read More


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