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Behold! The iMac tablet computer that never was, courtesy of Rusty

Remember all those rumors a couple years ago about Apple working on an iMac where you could remove the screen and use it as a tablet, then come home at night and dock it? Well, apparently faithful Macenstein reader Rusty does. Check out his extremely sweet iPad/iMac lovechild. The 40 gig hard drive took a dive, and there was no way I would find a cheap replacement. And the 700 MHz PPC was not going to run hulu, youtube, or facebook. The innards are in a grocery bag in... Read More

Finally, a robot C3PO could could beat up

Behold Kazu Terasaki‘s latest creations, the Walking iPad and Walking iPhone. Sure, they’re adorable, but they’re not exactly going to give the T-1000 a run for its money any day soon. Suddenly I am a lot less fearful of the robot uprising, which as you know, was my number two fear, just behind the Zombie uprising. Looks like my fear of a Live Action “Shirt Tales” movie is the new number 2! [via everyone, but Engadget started it]  Read More

I have a feeling SOMEBODY’S mom is gonna be pissed when they get home…

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Florian for the tip!  Read More

FrankenPad is ugly, fears fire, and awesome!

MacRumors member eTip has come up with a pretty interesting mod for his Jesus tablet that appears to have solved his iPad typing problems, albeit perhaps at the expense of the iPad’s portability and cool factor… “So, I was sitting on the couch last night, trying to find a comfortable way to balance my iPad and BT keyboard while typing….. It’s possible, but not easy and not comfortable. Now, I COULD have a) walked into the other room to use my desktop,... Read More

Can’t afford a snowboard? Just use two PowerBooks!

These things may not be able to run snow Leopard, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun in the snow! Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Florian for the tip! [via Zweck Entfremder]  Read More

The Time Capsule Jewelry Box: Hide your valuable jewelry inside your valuable electronics

Aside from the whole “engagement/wedding ring” thing, I think I have not bought the Bride of Macenstein any jewelry in the 70 or so years we’ve been married. Yes, she’s a lucky woman. But despite her lack of baubles, I’m sure if she DID have any nice jewelry (or valuables of any kind), she would appreciate this velvet-lined Time Capsule jewelry box. It certainly would look nicer than that burlap-lined one I made out of a G4 tower that’s... Read More

MacBook hacked to add “right-click” in Windows

I’m always amazed at how much extra space seems to be inside the black and white MacBooks, given Apple’s obsession with slimming things down. First someone was able to add a second LCD screen behind the MacBook’s main one, and now InsanelyMac forum member jboy21 has crammed a usb mouse inside his black MacBook to add right click functionality. “Basically ive taken a standard logitech usb mouse, hacked it down to its very bare essentials, inserted inside... Read More

Apple’s girliest computer just got girlier

Awww…. This is just adorable. At least as long as you don’t realize that there’s a bite out of that Apple, so she’s about 3 seconds from collapsing unconscious on the floor in a house with 7 guys. This clever mod is the work of flickr user L├╝beckerJung‘ s girlfriend who made the design herself: I found the artwork via google image search. She was part of the DVD-cover of Disneys Snow White. A little Illustrator here and a little Photoshop there... Read More

Scrabble keyboard is triple-letter word score awesome!

“Doc” (nice name, by the way) , over at Datamancer took on a custom Mac Keyboard request from some of his Scrabble-loving friends, and the results are pretty darn cool. Comprised almost entirely of genuine, hand beveled Scrabble tiles, the Scrabble Keyboard is a wonderful blend of art, engineering, and nerddom. “Most of the keys are made from real Scrabble tiles that were all hand-beveled (truly an exercise in patience/masochism!) and built onto a USB, clicky,... Read More

Apparently it’s what’s on the OUTSIDE that counts

Yikes. Russian gadget customizer iCustom has done the unthinkable, (and probably the unsellable). They will now take your beautiful iPhone, rip off its shell, and replace it with a clear one, letting you and the world see what makes your iPhone tick. Unfortunately, it looks like the somewhere in the process you will lose your camera, but hey, that sucked anyway. [Gizmodo]  Read More


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