Behold! The iMac tablet computer that never was, courtesy of Rusty - Macenstein

Behold! The iMac tablet computer that never was, courtesy of Rusty

Remember all those rumors a couple years ago about Apple working on an iMac where you could remove the screen and use it as a tablet, then come home at night and dock it? Well, apparently faithful Macenstein reader Rusty does. Check out his extremely sweet iPad/iMac lovechild.

The 40 gig hard drive took a dive, and there was no way I would find a cheap replacement. And the 700 MHz PPC was not going to run hulu, youtube, or facebook. The innards are in a grocery bag in my office. I can’t bring myself to just throw them away. I took the speakers out of a dead iHome dock, and ran a headphone jack and cable through the arm. They are passive, and may be too quiet for everything, but it’s good for now. We’ll call this revision 1.


I doubt Apple could have done better themselves.

8 Responses to “Behold! The iMac tablet computer that never was, courtesy of Rusty”
  1. Justin says:

    That’s an awesome iPad stand.

  2. darrell says:

    well done – but people wanted a MAC MINI in a G4 iMac, not an iPad!!!

  3. Jonro says:

    Interesting. I have one of those “basketball” iMacs with a bad drive and have been trying to decide what to do with it. It’s not worth restoring because the drive is difficult to access, but I hate to throw it out. This might be a good solution. Decisions, decisions.

  4. Operator207 says:

    I am the IT guy at work. When I had one of those iMacs in my office, everyone that came in would “Pixar” the screen. Make it go up and down left and right, they loved the motions the arm would do. Unfortunately, they did it so much, they broke the cable running though the arm. Now if anyone wants green, the monitor needs to be at the lowest point of its travel, and about 30 degrees to the left.

  5. AWESOME – and I want one!

    Now if we can get the new Mini inside it, that would be great.

  6. powers says:

    Well done!

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