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Can’t afford a snowboard? Just use two PowerBooks!

These things may not be able to run snow Leopard, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun in the snow!

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Florian for the tip!

[via Zweck Entfremder]

7 Responses to “Can’t afford a snowboard? Just use two PowerBooks!”
  1. dggraphics says:

    Wow. Really Dumb, almost as bad as their Ibook slippers video.

  2. Chris Leither says:

    Seriously… these guys are idiots. Drilling a hole to get rid of the keyboard etc… have they never EVER heard of… SCREWS… and SCREWDRIVERS?… darn fuck heads…

  3. just a mexican says:

    hey you sons of a bitch!

    you live in abundance while people like me in third world countries dream of having a computer like that, and you even make joke of us, wasting things that we would like to have and we cant.

  4. David Chew says:

    Wouldn’t that void the warranty?

  5. Thats great. Anyone who has used macs over the years has wanted to do something drastic sometimes.

  6. Mac Hoe says:

    OMG! Its painful to see a MacBook getting rammed by a drill… Ouch..

  7. Hadee says:

    Hoeman… it’s not a MacBook.

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