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Finally, a robot C3PO could could beat up

Behold Kazu Terasaki‘s latest creations, the Walking iPad and Walking iPhone. Sure, they’re adorable, but they’re not exactly going to give the T-1000 a run for its money any day soon. Suddenly I am a lot less fearful of the robot uprising, which as you know, was my number two fear, just behind the Zombie uprising. Looks like my fear of a Live Action “Shirt Tales” movie is the new number 2!

[via everyone, but Engadget started it]

3 Responses to “Finally, a robot C3PO could could beat up”
  1. Daniel says:

    For the very lonely Geek out there. 🙁
    Now, dose Robo-pod know when the table edge is near or is your new iPad
    taking a dive?

  2. davewhippedgoliath says:

    I just got a sudden flash of AI robot Macs marching down the street as the Apple bots take over the world and make Steve Jobs our supreme ruler.

  3. Operator207 says:

    It seems they are simply an app that “plays music” through the headset jack to make them walk.

    Now if they could incorporate some smarts to it, making the mic an input device, where you could say stop, start left right etc, that would be cool. Unless its already doing this and I am not seeing/hearing it.

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