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Um, ewww…

OK now, you see?! This is precisely why Apple has been trying to make it so difficult to Jailbreak an iPhone. Faithful Macenstein reader Jeremy (apparently just to mess with our heads), has installed the BlackBerry Storm theme on his iPhone. Curse you Cydia!!!!  Read More

Impromptu parking lot meetings beware! Custom Hyundai Genesis fitted with 3 Macs, a touch, and an iPhone 3G

That’s right, Hyundai. Actually, over the past 10 years or so, Hyundai has quietly been upping both the quality and cost of its vehicles, so it’s not quite as bizarre as it sounds that RIDES magazine would bother tricking out a $40,000 2008 Hyundai Genesis with three Mac computers (including a MacBook Air and two Mac minis), an iPod Touch,and an iPhone 3G. Rounding out the package are a Farenheit DVD player, Genesis amps, Morel Hybrid Ovation speakers and two 12”... Read More

Hmmm… “Bogner Vision” looks suspiciously like a 24-inch iMac…

The famous German fashion company Bogner, best known for their ski fashions, has apparently begun branching out into the world of consumer electronics. Behold “Bogner Vision”. Actually, that’s just a 24-inch iMac that Bogner decided to modify with their logo to run their store displays. I guess one way to subliminally let your customers know you overcharge for your clothes is to spend three times the cost of a regular 24-inch LCD TV and use an iMac instead. Thanks... Read More

Well, it beats changing your name to QWERTY

Faithful Macenstein reader Caius was faced with a problem. He knew he was a Mac Genius, but couldn’t think of a way to let the world know. So, being the resourceful genius he is, he did a little letter swapping on his aluminum keyboard, and: WOW. Will obviously knows how to touch-type. This isn’t the first time Caius decided to take apart a Mac’s keyboard in order to broadcast his Mac street cred to the world. A few years back he Read More  Read More

Redefining “refurbished” is selling what they call an Apple iMAC G5 Laptop (Refurbished). Not sure whether they refurbished an iMac into a laptop, or a laptop into an iMac, but either way, they went above and beyond what we normally expect when we hear “refurbished”. The description reads: “Take your technology anywhere with this G5 desktop computer”. Anywhere, eh? Like the chiropractor? They list it at 18.5 lbs. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Kyle for the... Read More

Mac Pro Vader has returned – looks a little beat

Last Labor Day we noticed the appearance of MacPro Vader at Atlanta’s DragonCon, and were both impressed and terrified by his amazing outfit constructed from a Mac Pro box. Well, apparently MPV lives down there in Atlanta, because who do you think we ran into yet again this weekend? Yup, it’s Mac Pro Vader, looking a little worse for wear, but not too bad considering the damaging effects using the Dark Side of the Force has on a body.  Read More

Scary-ass eBay find – Fans of “Engrish” rejoice!

Faithful Macenstein reader Richard Neville writes: Hi Doc, Just sitting here at the ‘ol office at 11pm waiting for memory scans to finish so I thought I’d start eBay’ing. In my quest for all things Apple, I found this gem: As beautiful as the visual is, as with all items originating in Hong Kong, the item description is better. Description: – 100% Brand New Box set, perfect gift choose. – Overcome the shortcoming of camera cell phone that can... Read More

Oh For the love of God, WHY?!!

Faithful Macenstein reader Jordan sent us some pics of the most unholy of unholy abominations. No, not poolside pics of Woz – even worse. That’s right, ModMyifone forum member ebl4287 has come up with one of the most well-executed and elaborate iPhone skins to date. Unfortunately, it is designed to mimic the “thrill” of running Windows Vista on your iPhone. He certainly gets triple geek points for execution, but loses 30 charisma points for his choice... Read More

Video proof of Bigfoot er… Psystar’s Open Computer running Mac OS X

Well, here you go. Video proof that the oft-maligned Psystar has made at least 3 computers – at least 1 of which can run Mac OS X Leopard. To rub a little salt in Apple’s wounds, Psystar claims they edited the video using Final Cut on an Open Computer running Leopard. Ouch! Now, if only they can provide video proof of the UPS guy picking up orders, and video proof of customers happily unpacking said computers, we’d be ready to place our order.  Read More

Liberace called. He wants his MacBook Air back.

Were you thinking about buying a MacBook Air but were worried you weren’t spending enough bucks for your bang? Well, you’re in luck. Computer Choppers have created the world’s first 24kt Gold & Sapphires Macbook Air, and surprisingly, it doesn’t look quite as tacky as we thought. Above: The gold plating looks pretty damn cool, although the sapphire Apple logo may not be for everyone. Of course, Computer Choppers knows anyone willing to pay for... Read More


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