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Oh For the love of God, WHY?!!

Faithful Macenstein reader Jordan sent us some pics of the most unholy of unholy abominations. No, not poolside pics of Woz – even worse.

That’s right, ModMyifone forum member ebl4287 has come up with one of the most well-executed and elaborate iPhone skins to date. Unfortunately, it is designed to mimic the “thrill” of running Windows Vista on your iPhone. He certainly gets triple geek points for execution, but loses 30 charisma points for his choice of mod. Perhaps in an attempt to define the term “oxymoron”, ebl4287 has called his skin “Vista Perfection“. Yikes.

Above: How perfect can Vista be if its clock doesn’t even have hands?

[via iPhoneAlley]

9 Responses to “Oh For the love of God, WHY?!!
  1. Alan says:

    Damn these eyes. Ahhhhhh!!!!!

  2. MacSheikh says:

    And what the heck is the difference between “Pictures” and “Photos”?

    Arrrggghhh!!! My eyes!!! 😮

  3. Robert says:

    Definitely too much time on his hands.

  4. darrell says:

    would’ve made more sense if it were a skin of windows mobile – at least people don’t want to downgrade from that.

  5. You retards! You didn’t understand it’s the supreme Dada work of Art! Much better than Duchamp’s Moustached Mona Lisa!
    Search for the term Dada on Wikipipedia, you fanboys!


  6. Ethan says:

    “And what the heck is the difference between “Pictures” and “Photos”?”

    There is no helping you if you don’t already know. The difference is so fundamental and the functions of each so diverse that the failure here is placing them next to each other in the launcher thingy.

  7. marK C. says:

    Woz poolside pics would be sexier than Vista style!


  8. Jason says:

    That’s really funny. You have to admit he’s got a great sense of humour!

  9. Bevan says:

    … I bet you this version of Vista works better than the real thing!!! Or is the a feature where the blue screen of death appears at random times??? Oh well!

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