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Liberace called. He wants his MacBook Air back.

Were you thinking about buying a MacBook Air but were worried you weren’t spending enough bucks for your bang? Well, you’re in luck. Computer Choppers have created the world’s first 24kt Gold & Sapphires Macbook Air, and surprisingly, it doesn’t look quite as tacky as we thought.

Above: The gold plating looks pretty damn cool, although the sapphire Apple logo may not be for everyone.

Of course, Computer Choppers knows anyone willing to pay for (and be seen with) a computer such as this will likely want to have matching accessories, so they also have a matching a polished gold SuperDrive to go with it. No word on pricing, but we assume if you have to ask, well you know.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Art Vandelay for the tip!

2 Responses to “Liberace called. He wants his MacBook Air back.”
  1. Zorin says:

    Some people have too much money.

    The world would be a better place if they’d just give the excess to me instead of spending it on useless junk like this.

  2. Jonro says:

    It’s nice to know that someone is capable of doing this, but I hope I never actually see one anyplace but the Internet.

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