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Video proof of Bigfoot er… Psystar’s Open Computer running Mac OS X

Well, here you go. Video proof that the oft-maligned Psystar has made at least 3 computers – at least 1 of which can run Mac OS X Leopard.

To rub a little salt in Apple’s wounds, Psystar claims they edited the video using Final Cut on an Open Computer running Leopard. Ouch!

Now, if only they can provide video proof of the UPS guy picking up orders, and video proof of customers happily unpacking said computers, we’d be ready to place our order.

13 Responses to “Video proof of Bigfoot er… Psystar’s Open Computer running Mac OS X”
  1. JCM says:

    I smell a lawsuit…

  2. Rowlings says:

    I think I would believe footage of Bigfoot more…

  3. @ngel says:

    Sorry! This video is no longer available!

  4. JS says:

    Get them before we go out of business & you wind up getting screwed.

  5. aranhamo says:

    Nothing says professionalism like a homemade video posted onto YouTube.

  6. Well, it may be homemade, but in Psystar’s defense I uploaded it to YouTube.
    -The Doc

  7. dan ion says:

    Your computer is damn ugly….GRRRR Who would buy and be proud of a pairs of “armani” shoes made in china?

  8. KenC says:

    Well, the OSx86 they are using is not free for them to use. It does seem that the two hispanic brothers are selling hackintoshes.

  9. odin! says:

    I wonder how many Open Computers Apple has ordered… and where these guys at Psystar like “Cupertino…”

  10. Odin,
    My thoughts exactly. I figured Apple’s lawyers had ordered a couple, and perhaps even had some sent to 1 Infinite Loop just to give Psystar a heads up.
    -The Doc

  11. Joe Doubter says:


    I wonder where the wires on the monitor showing the Apple screen trail off – they sure don’t look like they plug into that (Dell?) box to the left – do then?

  12. reag-a-leg says:

    dan ion,
    I’ve seen uglier computers. In fact, for generic white box computers, I don’t think they look bad at all. But, if I could afford a Mac Pro, I’d definitely go for the genuine Apple.

    Unfortunately, I can’t even afford a Mac Mini. So, this does look interesting. I wish these guys all the luck in the world — but, I have a hunch that all the luck in the universe isn’t going to help them against all the lawyers at Apple.

  13. Terry says:

    People that have purchased those computers will be upset if the hard drive crashes, because it’s gonna cost them $50 + shipping to reinstall the OS, unless they are technically proficient enough to do it themselves. Since they are using the OSX86 method to install Leopard, they have to set up the hard drive a certain way and have a working build of Leopard to even get it installed to that hard drive.

    I built my own “psystar” (lol) and I had to used a hacked version of the leopard to boot on pc to install to a old hard drive, then use my official version to copy to the new drive. After it installed, I swapped the hard drives and got everything set up. I think all that is beyond the scope of a regular user. Even with time machine, you may be in trouble since you have to set up the hard drive with efi_v8. Buyer beware definitely, because I refuse to build one for my less technical friends. They need something that has official support and won’t run the risk of being bricked from an update by Apple.

    Even though some people may think Apples are more expensive than the PC, they are selling you a full package and experience than just hardware. My friends that have converted to mac can attest to that.

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