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Rickrolling iPhone Jailbreakers

Jailbreaking sometimes has a charming, Forrest Gump-like “You never know what you’re gonna get” kind of vibe going on when installing apps. Will it indeed be sexy girls? A virus? Rick Astley? That’s probably the best thing about jailbreaking – you never know!

Hmmm… sounds like the Mrs. is not a Rick Astley fan…

Well, I don’t really see the problem here. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Rick Astley video constantly playing behind all their icons? Someone without a soul, THAT’S who.

7 Responses to “Rickrolling iPhone Jailbreakers”
  1. The Lab says:

    Awesome! Nuff Said… dang it Kat don’t ruin my post.

  2. hah. I’d say Rick is a pretty sexy girl sometimes.

  3. funny i like the end when she says f you

  4. Jonro says:

    What a mystery! Was his wife/girlfriend upset because he jailbreaked (sp?) the phone? Because he installed a “Sexy Girls” app? Because he was sitting around the house making movies of his phone instead of taking out the garbage? Just one of life’s existential mysteries.

  5. Matt says:

    only on the internet can Rick Astley video show up every where even on a jailbroken iphone masquerading as sexy girls. I think every copy of that video should be purged from existence.

  6. Matty says:

    LOL, The best part of that vid is what Kat says at the end……

  7. Justin says:

    Dang Kat can be such a freaking d-bag sometimes i mean jeeezz get off my back like

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