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The “Mighty Dead” mouse

Apple hasn’t updated the Mighty Mouse in quite some time, but those of you dying for a refresh can make your own out of things you probably have in your own home! All you need is and old (still functioning) USB mouse, and an old (NOT functioning) real one!

That’s right, assuming you are a fan of taxidermy, has a tutorial on how you can turn that dead mouse you have lying around on the basement into a real life working computer mouse, and it looks great with an Apple laptop, don’tcha think?

This would be great for kids – They love stuffed animals.

Above: Here’s all you need… not shown, an extremely strong stomach.

[Warning: Images get a little grosser….]

Above: That picture is slightly less gross than it looks, as that is the USB mouse’s optical light, not guts we’re seeing.

If you’d like to make one of your own, (and who wouldn’t?) you can view the tutorial here.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader James for the link!


17 Responses to “The “Mighty Dead” mouse”
  1. Alonso says:

    That’s sick and disgusting

  2. edoreld says:

    Damn you Macenstein! I took a look at the article during a work meeting and I couldn’t stop laughing!

  3. Savas says:

    Bahahahha Alonso, this is “black humour”, what the Doc is famous for!

  4. Nadine says:

    That is not only kinda gross…it’s super gross and respectless.. ewwwe

  5. Bjarki Guðjónsson says:


  6. Ed says:

    Not much has been able to surprise me the last few years. This takes it!


  7. Vicente says:

    THIS is Macenstein, not the usual Mac Chick wannabes carrying iPhones
    Thanks, Doc

  8. You just made my day!

  9. Michael says:

    Truly fantastic, made my day, thanks Doc.

  10. darrell says:

    fun stuff – however it makes me wonder why apple really hasn’t updated the mighty mouse in some time… if they don’t update it, then please lower the price!

  11. Slacker says:

    Disgusting :(.

  12. Marcus says:

    Wow… not sure if it’s creepy or gross, maybe both…

  13. Jonathan says:

    With the creation of this it also finally makes the Crammer Nazi’s happy, because if you had two of themyou would call them mice, instead of the traditional plural of mouses when referencing the hardware… That’s another thing, is this mouse now also software, I mean, it’s a being that it is fur and all ? … 😛

  14. iphonebuz says:

    @Jonathan… Very creative and humorous… software indeed!

  15. al sahid says:


  16. V.i.k.t.o.r says:

    Sick SIck Sick..But LOOKS Cool… :)))

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