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New Fieldrunners update is AWESOME (Except that it sucks)

This Thursday a new free update to Fieldrunners arrived on my iPad (a paid version for the iPhone subsequently hit today) featuring multi-player and 3 new maps. As anyone who knows me knows, Fieldrunners is perhaps my all-time favorite iOS game, so I viewed this unexpected update as a true Christmas miracle. All three new maps are awesome, the new towers are awesome, the multi-payer is awesome – EVERYTHING about the update is awesome, except for one thing. It sucks. As... Read More

Tonight’s Episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live shot entirely on Jimmy’s MacBook Pro’s Webcam

Finally! A reason to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Just kidding, I love Jimmy). According to ABC, with a full studio audience and a bunch of booked guests (Seth Rogen (Green Hornet) and Musical guest Dierks Bentley), a power outage struck the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live, leaving the crew scrambling for way to still produce the show. A quick thinking Kimmy grabbed his MacBook Pro and began filming with his webcam. I have no idea how bad the show will look, or why a power outage apparently... Read More

I smell a June 24th iPhone 4G launch date

Looks like AT&T may have accidentally spilled the beans on the iPhone 4G launch date by prematurely sending out “replies” to all the anticipated service outage reports it expects to have on June 24th… at least if this text sent to faithful Macenstein reader Frank is any indication: I thought this might be amusing. Note the dates. The best part is that while I have the Mark the Spot app, I’ve never used it. Perhaps AT&T just knows that I’m... Read More


Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jurgen for the pic!  Read More

This is one buggy Mac

Awwww… It thinks it’s people! (Or at least a cat chasing a laser pointer). Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jon for the tip! [via Neatorama]  Read More

Jailbreaking provides MASSIVE increase in iPhone battery life

Just one more benefit to Jailbreaking the iPhone. Check out this incredibly messed up battery charge sensor amazing increase in battery life one lucky jailbreaker is experiencing on his iPhone! If that’s LOW battery, odds are this dude’s iPhone can now power Connecticut, or at least Rhode Island. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Rich for the link! [via imageshack]  Read More

When restoring (UN-jailbreaking) doesn’t restore everything

As much as I loved having a jailbroken iPhone, I decided to UN-jailbreak my phone in anticipation of the new 3.0 software update. I also had been experiencing some increasingly frequent crashes to the springboard, as well as what I perceived to be a general slowness to the phone, and figured maybe a factory restore would set things right. In order to undo the Jailbreak, I figured all I needed to do was hit the “restore” button in iTunes, and then restore the iPhone... Read More

Save the “B”‘s! New MacBook can’t spell its name

Engadget reader Mark got a bit of a surprise when he opened his new MacBook, or, should we say, MacMook? Looks like Apple got a good deal on “M”‘s. Actually, now that I look at it, it looks like it is even a little more screwed up than it looks at first. They didn’t just replace the “N” with an “M”, they pushed the “N” down as well eliminating the “B” completely. I had actually heard that the “B”‘s... Read More

No way she worked on MobileMe

Dan Lyons recently wrote about a mysterious blog posting he came across which appeared to detail the internal corporate aftermath of the MobileMe rollout/fiasco/debacle. The mystery blogger, known only as Ethlite, laid out a scenario that could easily be interpreted as coming from Cupertino’s MobileMe HQ about 2 months ago: “The predictable fallout ensued, with a dressing down by our CEO, followed by the usual finger pointing and finally ending in removal/demotion... Read More

Got Chrome envy? Try CrossOver Chromium

Google’s new Chrome browser may be Windows-only at the moment, but Mac users suffering from Chrome envy now have a way to get a taste of Chrome thanks to CodeWeavers. CrossOver Chromium is their attempt to port the open source Chromium web browser (the basis for Google’s Chrome web browser) to the Mac and Linux. The port is accomplished using Wine, the Win32 API Compatibility layer that sits atop Mac OS X and Linux and can run many Windows applications. Hmmm…... Read More


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