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Is Apple gunning for Exchange Server with the new iCal beta?

Well, our good friends over at The Cat Convention think so. According to the site, new evidence in the MobileMe beta is pointing towards Apple trying to get CalDAV, its preferred calendaring implementation, not only into the hands of MobileMe users, but Microsoft Outlook users as well. Since CalDAV is the calendaring format of choice for Apple’s Snow Leopard Server, TCC is hypothesizing that this could be the first step toward Apple pushing its calendar into the enterprise... Read More

No way she worked on MobileMe

Dan Lyons recently wrote about a mysterious blog posting he came across which appeared to detail the internal corporate aftermath of the MobileMe rollout/fiasco/debacle. The mystery blogger, known only as Ethlite, laid out a scenario that could easily be interpreted as coming from Cupertino’s MobileMe HQ about 2 months ago: “The predictable fallout ensued, with a dressing down by our CEO, followed by the usual finger pointing and finally ending in removal/demotion... Read More

Apple threatens MobileMe customers with an additional 60 free days of service – haven’t we all suffered enough?

Apple has announced that in order to make up for the numerous and seemingly unsolvable glitches running rampant throughout their MobileMe service, they will be offering yet another free 2 month extension to MobileMe subscribers in addition to the 30 day extension they already have doled out. To me this like going to a restaurant and ordering a thick, juicy steak, only to be served a rancid bowl of overcooked broccoli instead. The out comes an apologetic waiter carrying out 2 more... Read More

Apple: “We still have no idea why MobileMe isn’t working”

Remember when “David G.” started that MobileMe status blog at the personal request of Steve Jobs to keep everyone up-to-date on MobileMe’s flaky outages? “Be assured people here are working 24-7 to improve matters,” wrote David, “and we’re going to favor getting you new info hot off the presses even if we have to post corrections or further updates later.” Well, that first post was July 25th, followed by a quick update on July... Read More


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