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Apple threatens MobileMe customers with an additional 60 free days of service – haven’t we all suffered enough?

Apple has announced that in order to make up for the numerous and seemingly unsolvable glitches running rampant throughout their MobileMe service, they will be offering yet another free 2 month extension to MobileMe subscribers in addition to the 30 day extension they already have doled out.

To me this like going to a restaurant and ordering a thick, juicy steak, only to be served a rancid bowl of overcooked broccoli instead. The out comes an apologetic waiter carrying out 2 more bowls of broccoli to make amends for the mistake instead of just bringing out that steak you ordered in the first place.

Actually, I think if I tried a little harder I could come up with a better steak-based analogy, but suffice it to say, I can’t think of any product launch in Apple’s history that has gone this embarrassingly wrong. The funny thing is, according to Apple, it is really only about 1-2% of all MobileMe customers who have been affected by these outages and freeze outs. Yet with these constant apologies and failed attempts at keeping the public informed, Apple is creating its own worst PR nightmare. As we approach the one and a half month mark without a definitive MobileMe fix, I would not be surprised to see a return to the .Mac name in the coming year, just to get the bad taste of MobileMe out of the Press’ mouth (and pens).

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  1. Grawlix says:

    Macenstien’s incessant bleating about MobileMe is beyond tedious.

    Apple very rarely screws up. In this case:
    a) they have.
    b) they have acknowledged it.
    c) they are ensuring that the bedding-in period is without charge to their users by extending memberships by three months (John Gruber estimates the cost at $25 million).

    Steve Jobs at least has the courage to take a risk and build out new and innovative services. I would much rather endure a rocky start on the journey to an exciting new destination than not take the journey at all.


  2. Rick Andrade says:

    I don’t think that Macenstein’s coverage is tedious. I get upset every time I rely on a service that I payed A LOT OF MONEY for and cannot get my mail. Now, I realize that I am a recent convert to Apple’s camp, but as a computer engineer who started off with a Mac, then their wireless router, then graduated to a first generation iPhone, I really think that their products and services are first rate. I am annoyed though when I cannot get my basic e-mail service to function. At this point, it is not a question of push mail or pull mail, i just want reliable mail, period.

    I understand “The Steve” is concerned… and no doubt he is, but for him to get personally involved to stand up a tiger team to handle this.debacle. then for the tiger team to stumble so badly, is quite sad. Preferably, I would have liked a huge link to be easy to find right off the Apple main site for those with MobileMe issues. Finding the links to get a service chat to start, multiple hour waits for that chat (whose times constantly reset) make me want to pull my hair out.

    I know that Apple is not Microsoft as evidenced by the fact that they did not tell us to lump it… another case of “too sad my lad”. I believe they are trying to help solve this…. and this additional 2 months of service says to me “your business is important… please stick around a little longer while we iron this bug out”. I am inclined to stick with them. Oh, and I want to thank Macenstein for keeping us informed. If you notice, his comments are not pure facts and news releases. he actually puts some thought behind what he believes is happening and could happen.

    If this was a Microsoft problem, I would be waiting for ice crystals to form in Hell before they provided any help at all.

  3. ookami says:

    hear! hear!

    … also I have had no problem with mobileme what so ever *yay!

  4. odin says:

    I think the MobileMe name is the problem. Nothing with that bad of a branding could ever possibly work right.

  5. manuel says:

    My lost .mac mail boxes got restored within 1 week. It’s been working quite well since beside a few stalls when updating galleries with iphoto…

    What’s the fuzz about? Could someone explain why they keep repeating mobileme is not working? Until now in many forum when that question is asked… no answer…

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