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No way she worked on MobileMe

Dan Lyons recently wrote about a mysterious blog posting he came across which appeared to detail the internal corporate aftermath of the MobileMe rollout/fiasco/debacle.

The mystery blogger, known only as Ethlite, laid out a scenario that could easily be interpreted as coming from Cupertino’s MobileMe HQ about 2 months ago:

“The predictable fallout ensued, with a dressing down by our CEO, followed by the usual finger pointing and finally ending in removal/demotion of some members of the senior management team. “

Lyons went so far as to contact Apple and confirm that Ethlite did indeed work on the MobileMe team, and was given the affirmative. Since his posting, all traces of Ethlite on the web have disappeared. flickr, myspace, blogspot, friendfeed, facebook… she seems to be trying to erase any online link to her true identity, although at this point we’d wager it is a little too late for that.

However despite Lyons’ apparent “confirmation” that Ethlite was an Apple employee, we have our doubts. Mac site theapplelounge has re-posted the Ethlite’s full blog posting (which had been deleted) in its entirety, and we must say, from the first opening lines it’s pretty obvious she isn’t talking about MobileMe:

“About two months ago, the group I work for suffered one of the worst product launch failures in its history. In fact, not just the group, but for the company. A very high profile product failed to launch on the day and then continued to fail for an agonizing week afterwards.”

You see? Right there! She said “agonizing week afterwards”. Week. Single. Everyone knows MobileMe’s rollout sucked for about 3 weeks. Case closed. She’s obviously talking about the rollout of some sort of cigarettes marketed towards children with Asthma or something. So let’s end all the speculation.

4 Responses to “No way she worked on MobileMe”
  1. Matt says:

    Actually, my issues with MM lasted about 7 days after the launch so at least from what I experienced it’s accurate.

  2. Shawn says:

    Isn’t mobile me still broken? I have never been able to use it to check my mail… I just wish they’d bring old .Mac — it worked; doesn’t .. yet…

  3. mangochutney says:

    I had problems with Mobile Me for about five days.
    After that it worked like a charm.
    But I guess I was lucky.

  4. Brian says:

    I don’t use the email, but honestly, never had a problem. iCal and iPhoto online in mobileme works almost just like the app. It’s cool, very easy to host pictures, etc…

    Mail works for me as well, but I am on outlook for work and gmail for most other stuff.

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