FAIL - Macenstein


Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jurgen for the pic!

3 Responses to “FAIL”
  1. Chris Leither says:

    I can tell you why this happens… it’s actually not a Mail problem… but an OS issue.

    If you save iWork documents as packages… they appear as a file on OS X machines (right click it and you can see it’s contents if you like), but as a FOLDER on every other OS.
    Since you cannot send Folders via email it of course won’t let you send a Pages Doc.

    To get rid of the problem simply go to Pages/Numbers/Keynote -> Preferences and uncheck the… save files as packages

    voila… it’ll work…

  2. St.Jimmy says:

    As described by Chris, this is a common problem, which has been the issue in the past and actually isn’t an issue in that sense.

    Unless, the problem was due to the word document… Then it would be awkward. Jurgen, some enlightenment please.

  3. garanimal says:

    So not such a fail then, just needed to RTFM!

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