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Apple announces it still makes Xserves

Apple today announced that not only do they still make Xserves, but they actually updated them. According to Apple, the new Xseres “deliver up to twice the performance of the previous system,” and feature Intel’s new “Nehalem” Xeon processors and a next generation system architecture, giving the ew Xserves up to an 89 percent improvement in performance per watt over the previous model, which they were still apparently selling. Above: Introducing... Read More

Forget the WWDC! WE’RE broadcasting live from the TMBG!

Sure, pretty much ANY Mac site can give you live streams from the World Wide Developers Conference, but how many can give you live updates from… The They Might Be Giants Concert at the Appel Farm Arts and Music Center in beautiful Elmer NJ!?! That’s right, (barring any technical difficulties) we’ll be broadcasting live updates from the concert as it happens. While we expect very few iPhone-related announcements, you never know. Apple is a very secretive company,... Read More

Where are they now? Bike messenger/screenwriter Brian Durkin

No, seriously, where is he? This isn’t one of those “We’ve tracked down Brian – let’s see what he’s up to” kind of articles. I’d like it to be, but I just can’t find any trace of him at all. Above: “DUDE! You’re getting a Mac!” Who is Brian Durkin, you ask? Well, way back in 1994, Apple ran a series of PowerBook ads featuring folks like Todd Rundgren, Art Monk, Tama Janowitz and Martina Navratilova, all... Read More

Why you kids can’t use Wikipedia as your sole source for information in a research project

digg_url = '; I came across this while reading up on Optimus Prime, something all of you should be doing. Not that this is at all Mac-related, I just thought this was funny. …despite the slight degree of autonomy they possess, the Combat Deck and Roller would not be able to survive without him. Optimus Prime has played soccer for Portsmouth Football club for the past 3 seasons. He filmed Transformers... Read More


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