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Why you kids can’t use Wikipedia as your sole source for information in a research project

I came across this while reading up on Optimus Prime, something all of you should be doing. Not that this is at all Mac-related, I just thought this was funny.

…despite the slight degree of autonomy they possess, the Combat Deck and Roller would not be able to survive without him.

Optimus Prime has played soccer for Portsmouth Football club for the past 3 seasons. He filmed Transformers on his summer break.

Additional powers included (somewhat inconsistently) in the animated series and comics are…

Well, that’s what you get for letting anyone edit the wiki. Everyone knows Optimus played for Southampton for the 2005-2007 seasons before being sidelined with a hamstring injury.

8 Responses to “Why you kids can’t use Wikipedia as your sole source for information in a research project”
  1. Adam says:

    It’s called Wikipedia, not Wiki.

  2. Sammy Larbi says:

    I hope you corrected it. The thought that he played for Portsmouth is offensive to fans of Mr. Prime.

  3. Brad says:

    @Adam: I’m sure he’s aware, seeing that “Wikipedia” is in the title of the post.

    He’s referring to it in the last sentence as a noun and not a proper noun. Wikipedia is a wiki.

  4. Uber Eterpay says:

    See, and here I was thinking that he was a Centerfielder for the Dodgers….

    Now I just don’t know what to believe…

  5. Jonathan.. er another Jonathan AKA Chaplare... says:

    Oy… An amusing post to be sure, and no worries, shall still support ya even tho your mac news is waning… you need some ultra fine print, something to the effect of “Also, I’ll post whatever I damn feel like, cuz I’m the Doc..” or something to that effect, in any case, keep on posting, better to be posting something new than nothing at all and becoming idle and in a state of un-updatingness… hmm, yeah, thats not a word… yet…

    Oh, and the Autobots have to be Mac related some way, I mean they are the good guys and as good = Mac OS X, and evil = Windows and sicne we all know the Decepticons are the evil ones it all makes sense…

  6. For the old revision of the wikiarticle, follow URL below:

    PS: I see we’re using reCAPTCHA. Great, now we can help digilizing books, and play the robot.

    I’m serious, this is great !

  7. Adam says:

    @Brad: The title originally said “Wiki” — I guess he corrected it.

  8. imajoebob says:

    Well, technically he was on loan, and he also got caps (which conveniently change into laser-guided missiles) for a bunch of England games. There’s still that controversy that he didn’t play for Japan.

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