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Forget the WWDC! WE’RE broadcasting live from the TMBG!

Sure, pretty much ANY Mac site can give you live streams from the World Wide Developers Conference, but how many can give you live updates from… The They Might Be Giants Concert at the Appel Farm Arts and Music Center in beautiful Elmer NJ!?! That’s right, (barring any technical difficulties) we’ll be broadcasting live updates from the concert as it happens.

While we expect very few iPhone-related announcements, you never know. Apple is a very secretive company, and this music festival’s name “Appel” seems a bit too close to “Apple” to be simply a coincidence – especially so close to WWDC. So we figured we better check it out. Our guts tells us John and John may not announce the 3G iPhone, but there’s a good chance they will focus extensively on Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”. Check back for updates.

Broadcasting LIVE NOW!

Show starting…
3:30 – Suzanne Vega performing
3:50 – She sounds great, too bad I only know one song …
4:40 – Wrapping up…
4:45 – Vega’s done
5:05 – TMBG Setting up
5:10 – “Natural One” by Folk Implosion playing. Awesome song.
5:16 – My god, that’s the fattest roadie I have ever seen!
5:37 – Show was supposed to start at 5:15. The kids are getting restless.
5:42 – Awwww yeah! Show’s starting! Crowd going nuts. ! Flans working the crowd.
5:43 – 1st song: Dr. Worm
5:47 – introducing band
5:48 – Alphabet of Nations
5:51 – Damn Good Times
5:55 – Birdhouse in Your Soul
(Wow, it’s easier than I thought to type on the iPhone with a 6 year old girl on shoulders… if only it weren’t 90 degrees and sunny.)
5:58 – Clap Your Hands
5:59 – Don’t Lets Start
6:03 – Older
6:05 – Cyclops Rock
6:10 – James K. Polk (Rocin’ version, I can’t beleive they’re doing this!)
6:15 – Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
6:20 – >>No mention of 3G iPhone yet…
6:22 – Drink!
6:26 – Fingertips! (Sweet! Never heard all these live!)
6:31 – Why Does The Sun Shine? (oohhh a little political Bush bashing thrown in)
6:35 – Particle Man
6:37 – Butterfly of Love (?)
6:40 – New York City
6:43 – Linnell just revealed the 3G specs and pricing, but swore the crowd to secrecy. Sorry.
6:45 – Show’s over

2 Responses to “Forget the WWDC! WE’RE broadcasting live from the TMBG!”
  1. byronchurch says:

    Sounds like a fun show next time bring a frigin camera

  2. biff says:


    you wouldn’t happen to be planning to archive the TMBG stuff, would you? cuz i missed it, & i would absolutely love to hear it.

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